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Hugo Ferreira is a Portuguese-American African-born singer/songwriter musician. He is best known for being the lead singer and songwriter for the American rock band Tantric.
Hugo Ferreira was born in Luanda, Angola, which at the time was a Portuguese colony, to Portuguese colonial settlers. After the independence of Angola in 1975, his family moved to Hudson, Massachusetts in the United States. Hugo began playing the piano at around age 5. According to his biography, he began thinking about writing and composing music at 14 years of age.
Before becoming a more mainstream artist, Ferreira was a member of wedding bands, dance music groups, “off-tune” rock groups, and Portuguese folklore groups. After graduating from Hudson High School in 1992, he moved to Detroit, Michigan, where he started the band Merge with Paul Hemsworth. In the course of the next four years, the band self-released a record and a six-song tape.

Jaron began playing at the age of 15 and has never looked back. He began his career studying music styles of the 70’s and 80’s before submerging himself in the world of heavy metal. After years of DIY tours and band changes, he found himself crossing over into the rock world. He has been in and out of various bands as a member, session player, and hired gun before finding a home with Tantric. Jaron loves to keep busy and push the envelope at all times, and looks forward to bringing that energy to the fans every single night.

Sebastian Anthony LaBar, son of Jeff LaBar, guitarist for the rock band Cinderella, was born and raised in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Growing up, he always wanted to play music. With the help of his dad, the Philadelphia school of rock, and various other teachers, he started honing his craft at a young age. Following high school he joined the Philadelphia based rock band Mach22. With them, he went on to open for many big artists like Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Steel Panther, Skid Row, and Tom Keifer just to name a few. He also has been a part of other bands and projects like the nasty things, chad Jenkins band, jasmine cain, and Jeff LaBar. Sebastian joined Tantric in January of 2018.

Iain Corabi on drums

Over 18 only

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Bannermans Bar

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Venue Details

SAT 4 APR 2020
Sometime The Wolf
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pmPostponed (To be Rescheduled)
SUN 5 APR 2020
Fury + Dakesis (To Be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
MON 6 APR 2020
Psydoll (To be rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
TUE 7 APR 2020
96 Bitter Beings
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pmCancelled
WED 8 APR 2020
David Reece (Accept/Bonfire)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pmCANCELLED
FRI 10 APR 2020
Blackmore's Blood
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£12.00
SAT 11 APR 2020
Janus Stark (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm £8.00
SUN 12 APR 2020
True Strays (To Be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
THU 16 APR 2020
Tezaura + Serpentyne (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
FRI 17 APR 2020
Blood Oath +Bloodyard (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£7.00
SAT 18 APR 2020
Ryan McCombs (Soil / Drowning Pool ) (To be Rescheduled)
An Acoustic Evening
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm £13.00
MON 20 APR 2020
Howling Giant + Sergeant Thunderhoof
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm cancelled
WED 22 APR 2020
Blues Caravan (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.15pm£15.00
MON 27 APR 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pmCancelled
FRI 1 MAY 2020
Bruce Kulick (KISS) (To be Rescheduled)
& DTK ( Kiss Tribute)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7pm£25.00/£100
SUN 3 MAY 2020
Geoff Tate
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7pm£18.00
MON 4 MAY 2020
Night Demon + Seven Sisters
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£12.00
WED 6 MAY 2020
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£12.00
THU 7 MAY 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£15.00
TUE 12 MAY 2020
Dead Girls Academy
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£10.00
WED 13 MAY 2020
The Swamp Born Assasins
+ Thunderfuck & The Deadly Romantics
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£7.00
THU 14 MAY 2020
Drivin N Cryn
+ Warner E.Hodges
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30m£17.00
THU 21 MAY 2020
Sam Millar
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£5.00
WED 27 MAY 2020
Warrior Soul + The Throbs
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7pm £21.00
THU 28 MAY 2020
Every Mothers Nightmare
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£14.00
FRI 29 MAY 2020
Electric Circus
WASP Tribute
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£12.00
SAT 30 MAY 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm£10.00
SUN 31 MAY 2020
(Muse Tribute)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£10.00
MON 1 JUN 2020
Marco Mendoza
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£15.00
WED 3 JUN 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
SAT 6 JUN 2020
Jaime Harding (Marion)
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£12.00