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Madison McFerrin is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. In December 2016, her solo debut EP, Finding Foundations: Vol. I, introduced her soulful take on a cappella to the world.
Critics and crowds quickly took note. Leading up to her sold out show at Joe’s Pub, the New York Times remarked how her sound “shows wonderful vocal dexterity, deftly swerving from
sharp, clearly enunciated staccato bursts to fluttery, free
-form melismata.” After one listen,
tastemaking DJ, Gilles Peterson, snatched up her standout track, “No Time to Lose,” for his Brownswood Bubblers compilation. She followed that up with this February’s release of Finding
Foundations: Vol. II, which gave her listeners more of what they love and earned her more critical praise. Most noteworth
y is a recent Rising profile, where Pitchfork highlighted how
Madison’s style offers an “understated, compelling testament to the power and dexterity of the human voice.” As she continues her artistic journey, she’s eager to use her gift to spread love
and positivity.

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