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The statement from KT

“Dear UK fans,

Covid-19 has just absolutely spannered us. One of the trickiest aspects for us touring musicians is trying to reconstruct our Tetris-like gig schedules.

I am so happy to be joining Hall & Oates on their rescheduled US tour; it’s a huge 2-month, 25-show run, now taking place August-October 2021. Sadly, as I have no control over the rescheduling of the dates, I’ve ultimately had to make some really hard decisions about other one-off appearances, whereas it of course all fit together beautifully before.

So it’s with a very sore heart that I have to announce I’ll no longer be able to play the following UK shows, that were rescheduled to 2021:

August 5th - Kelvingrove Bandstand
August 7th - Fringe By The Sea
August 8th - Lamplight Festival

If teleportation was up and running, believe me I would BE there, but sadly I just can’t do it all.

A MASSIVE thank you to the promoters of Kelvingrove Bandstand, Fringe By The Sea and Lamplight Festival for their fantastic support and understanding. I am so gutted to have to cancel these appearances for now, but really hopeful for a time when I can return to play their stages again.

So very sorry to disappoint those of you with tickets, these decisions are impossible to make, but the times we are in means we have to make them.

Love KT xxx

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Kelvingrove Bandstand

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