Chris Bevington Organisation

Lights Out By Nine


Doors 7.30pm


Event is Over 18 Only

Chris Bevington Organisation is full of style, swagger, replete with tones and textures of the blues and that added extra the joy and harmonization as the musicians gather around the microphones and jam. They are playing with a natural feel and layering the sounds to bring the listener a bucket full of pleasure. Opening with It’s Too Late, a bright n’ breezy beat filled number we get to know the band with delicious licks from Jim Kirkpatrick’s guitar, bursts of Scott’s baritone horn and his vocals that curl around the music picking up the juicy sound and delivering the lyrics. I know it is too late, the speakers are going to be playing this music for a while. The child of the blues, Rock n’ Roll is ever present and this is given full voice as we hear Got To Know. This track demonstrates the power of backing vocals as Kate & Sarah join the fun. This is a number that will get the party going, gig or festival goers would just have to get up and dance as the beat energizes the listener.

The blues is captured, old-style vibe with the beat of a holler and the gentle refrain from tambourine and humming adds a texture that conjures sun, heat and cotton and a swig of whiskey. Once again, the Organisation has developed the blues; this is crisp modern and a song you will never want to cut and run from as the rhythms build and the intensity hots up; leaving you excited and wanting to hear the rest of the album the perfect combination for a title track as it curls around the delta and up into the Mississippi Hill Country. Followed by It Ain’t Easy the beat changes we are hitting the swampy heat of New Orleans with horns and the pure unadulterated joy of musicians getting together and playing as the song says this vibe It Ain’t Easy, they achieve it with every note they play the saxophone and horns are the icing on the cake. The track ends appropriately with a laugh of unadulterated joy.

Like all albums and shows ,we have to find our way home. Coming Down with The Blues the penultimate track is no doctor’s prescription. It is music’s answer about how to be uplifted whilst coming down with the blues because your baby’s locked the door. This is blues of smoky nightclubs, as the vocals, lyrics, guitar and horns meld into a melody of untainted delight. The energy is high and the audience will be clapping with joy and dancing with blues pleasure.

We celebrate with Chris Bevington Organisation music that makes you, smile, and dance and have a good time.

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Voodoo Rooms

19a West Register Street
United Kingdom

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