Sweeping Promises


19.30 - 23.00



Bad news alert: we’re canceling our EU/UK tour dates. We can’t take the COVID + financial risks while traveling abroad. It is what it is, and we're angry about it. We would like to thank and acknowledge: the clubs and festival promoters who are working hard to better culture during a precarious time with little or no safety net for the arts; our intrepid overseas booking agent Kirmes (we will ride again!); our band managers Jacob and Apple, ever hopeful and strategic; the Feel It label head extraordinaire Sam Richardson and the Sub Pop team for being fab in general.

The biggest disappointment comes from missing out on meeting irl our virtual friends, fellow collectors, like-minded bands, radio/zine freaks, etc, who constitute the joy of this life. Please know our intent to redo this tour in the future and come to a town near you.

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Hug & Pint

171 Great Western Road
United Kingdom
G4 9AH

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