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Hailing from Durham and with a proud northern accent to show for it, Onsind tackle tough subjects with a winning optimism. Inequality, bigotry, mental illness all feature in the duo’s down to earth vignettes dramatised via acoustic guitar, but so too does an unbreakable spirit that stands tall in the face of adversity. With choruses like “never trust a Troy”, Onsind are writing the protest anthems we need right now.

The music Manchester’s James and Dan put out under the moniker Crywank is everything the name suggests: theatrically self-pitying, uncomfortably intimate and crucially aware of how borderline farcical it is while still baring it all anyway. Deeply personal and uncompromising, they admit their brand of anti-folk is perhaps a tad indulgent. More importantly though, it’s brave.

Breakfast Muff
Breakfast Muff do punk right. In two minutes or less trio rattle off frayed rebuffs against everything turgid and backward with the raw indignation of The Stooges or early Sleater Kinney.

Joyce Delaney
In their own words, Joyce Delaney are “so over your shit”. Whether it’s selfish and/or presumptuous romantic partners or just judgemental jerks being jerks, Chrissy and Nyla are adamant that they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Herbert Powell
The Glaswegian four piece play hyper tight, jarring post punk that allures and discombobulates in equal measure. For anyone curious as to what Deerhoof would sound like having woken up on the wrong side of the bed, this is your jam.

Caitlin Buchanan
Local songstress Caitlin Buchanan will haunt you with her beguiling voice, think Laura Marling and Joan Baez with a Scottish twist.

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