Sensational Alex Harvey Experience


doors 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm


The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience have been touring throughout the UK and are now retuning to Central Scotland with a spectacular Xmas show. You can expect all the best known songs and some deeper cuts all delivered in the theatrical style of SAHB. The band are all SAHB fans themselves and are keeping the music alive (with a modern twist). Get yourself along to what promises to be a night of festive fun.

Over 18's

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Hard Rock Cafe

179 Buchanan Street
G1 2JZ
United Kingdom

Venue Details

FRI 8 MAR 2024
and The Lyndsay Dolan Band
Platform (Argyle St), Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£10.00
THU 14 MAR 2024
Trillians Bar, NEWCASTLEDoors 7.00pm£15.00
FRI 15 MAR 2024
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7.00pmCANCELLED
SAT 16 MAR 2024
Audio, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£17.50
SUN 17 MAR 2024
Enuff Z Nuff
+ Support ZWB
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£15.00
WED 20 MAR 2024
Dan Reed - Acoustic
Cluny, NEWCASTLEDoors : 7.00pm£20.00
THU 21 MAR 2024
Dan Reed - Acoustic
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£20.00
FRI 22 MAR 2024
Spike (quireboys)
Slay, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£17.00
FRI 29 MAR 2024
Def Leppad
venue tb confirmedDoors 7pm£12.50
SAT 30 MAR 2024
John Taylor & Shock City Present - The Scottish Acoustic Festival
venue tb confirmedDoors 2.00pmCANCELLED
FRI 5 APR 2024
Live Forever - A tribute To Queen
Hard Rock Cafe, GlasgowDoors 7pmcancelled
SAT 6 APR 2024
Bon DC (tribute)
Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£15.00
SAT 13 APR 2024
G2 (The Garage), GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£15.00
SUN 14 APR 2024
Tyla from Dogs D'amour - Acoustic
Matty James Cassidy
Trillians Bar, NEWCASTLEDoors 7.00pm£15.00
SAT 20 APR 2024
Deeper Purple
Cathouse Rock Club, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£15.00
FRI 26 APR 2024
Simple Minded & Deacon Blues (tribute)
Oran Mor, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£17.00
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7pm£13.50
SAT 27 APR 2024
Whitesnake Uk ( Tribute)
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£15.00
FRI 3 MAY 2024 - WED 1 NOV 2023
Oran Mor, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£15.00
FRI 17 MAY 2024
Warner E Hodges
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£17.00
SAT 18 MAY 2024
Who's Better, Who's Best - tribute to the Who
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£12.50
Desperados - Eagles Tribute
Oran Mor, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£16.00
SAT 25 MAY 2024
Dressed to Kill & Gallus Cooper
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors 6.00pm£16.00
SAT 1 JUN 2024
The Rising
Slay, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£15.00
WED 19 JUN 2024
Troy Redfern Band
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£14.00
SAT 29 JUN 2024
Loz Campbell- matinee show
Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgowdoors 1.00 pm£5.00
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£15.00
WED 17 JUL 2024
Warrior Soul
Trillians Bar, NEWCASTLEdoors 7.00 pm£17.00
THU 18 JUL 2024
Warrior Soul
Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£18.00
SAT 27 JUL 2024
Classic Grand Ballroom, GlasgowDoors 1pm£7.50
FRI 16 AUG 2024
Project Floyd
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£12.50