Mark Sultan aka BBQ


Drs 7.30pm


Over 18 Only

Mark Sultan... Have you heard this name before? One half of the King Khan & BBQ Show and the infamous BBQ one man band. Singer/guitarist of Mind Controls. Drummer/singer of Les Sexareenos. Singer of The Spaceshits. Collaborator with The Deadly Snakes, Jack Oblivian and The Demon's Claws. Treasurer of the Death Cult (along with Khan, the Demon's Claws, The Black Lips, The Spits and The Gris Gris). Owner of Sultan Records. He's toured the world several times over as a musical vagabond of missionary proportions. Ring a bell? He's been called everything from 'our generation's Gerry Roslie' to 'a visionary with the voice of an angel' and 'a true rock'n'roll hero'.

A juke-box blowout of styles and effortless. For fans of The Velvet Underground, The Falcons, The Saints, Brian Eno, Eddie Cochran, The Human Expression, Phil Spector, Buddy Holly and great music in general, rejoice.

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Leith Depot

138-140 Leith Walk
United Kingdom

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