Gypsy Pistoleros

+ Support from Brothers Outlaw and This Questionable Life


Doors 7.00pm


Gypsy Pistoleros are a thrill-a-minute collection of melodic eye-patch swagger that smells of exotic spices and forbidden concubines. The Gypsy Pistoleros sound like Hanoi Rocks, if Hanoi Rocks were sultans and snakecharmers- Sleazegrinder - Classic Rock Magazine

"This, actually, is as good as sleaze ever got in the last decade. Gypsy Pistoleros were, and still are, a breath of fresh air. You will never hear another band like this. They are the greatest flamenco sleaze glam band ever. And that’s just a fact. If you don’t believe me, listen to this." Paul Thorley Maximum volume music

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Ivory Blacks

56 Oswald Street
United Kingdom
G1 4PL

Venue Details

THU 5 OCT 2023
plus support
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00 pm£10.00
FRI 6 OCT 2023
AudioRage (Audioslave and RATM Tribute)
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 7.30 pm£8.00
TUE 10 OCT 2023
Pain + Ensiferum
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 6.00pm£32.00
FRI 13 OCT 2023
The Breathing Method
DeadFire + Ritual Sprit + King Nobody + Ophanim
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 5.00pm£8.00
SAT 14 OCT 2023
Sabbra Cadabra and Ozzy's Blizzard
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7pm£12.50
FRI 20 OCT 2023
Vega & Kim Jennett
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£14.00
FRI 27 OCT 2023
Morass of Molasses
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.30pm£10.00
FRI 3 NOV 2023
The Members
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 8pm£12.50
TUE 7 NOV 2023
Gothminister + King Satan + Psycholies
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£20.00
FRI 17 NOV 2023
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00 pm£10.00
FRI 1 DEC 2023
Rock Bottom - A tribute to UFO
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 7.30 pm£10.00
FRI 12 JAN 2024
Catalysis + Centrilia + The Head Of The Traitor
Corrupt The System + Fallen Ashes + H8TEBALL
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 5.00 pm£8.00
WED 14 FEB 2024
Alcatrazz, Girlschool, Raven and Airforce
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£25.00
FRI 16 FEB 2024
Harp Twins feat The Volfang Twins
+ Special Guest
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 8.00pm£22.00
SAT 17 FEB 2024
Heatseeker - Scotlands Female Fronted AC/DC Tribute
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00 pm£8.00
FRI 15 MAR 2024
Anti-Nowhere League
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£20.00
SAT 21 SEP 2024
ZZ Toppd (ZZ Top Tribute)
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£10.00