Franck Carducci & The Fantastic Squad


Doors : 7.00pm


This extraordinary group opened for Sting in June 2022 in front of 15,000 people. Steve Hackett (Genesis guitarist) has supported them since 2010 – even recording on their second album in 2015.
They won the "Best Overseas Band" award from the Classic Rock Society, and in 2024, they will embark on their tenth tour in the United Kingdom. They travel throughout Europe with their theatrical rock show, dazzling audiences, transcending genres, and winning unanimous praise at every performance.
FRANCK CARDUCCI & THE FANTASTIC SQUAD do not just offer an ordinary concert, they deliver a true experience with music of course - authentic 70s rock that evokes Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Led Zeppelin.They oscillate from powerful and energetic sounds to atmospheric moods that lend themselves to daydreaming... We guarantee it is going to be a magical journey!
However, limiting it to just the sound would be extremely reductive because this project is also a full show, with costumes, staging, humour, narration, and whimsical instruments. Your senses will not be given a second of rest. You vibrate, you marvel, you have fun!
It's a unique, generous, festive, glittery, fun, and glamorous show that will conquer any audience.

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