The Guns 'N' Roses Experience (Tribute)


Doors 7.30pm

GnRe are the most successful and most in demand GUNS N ROSES tribute band in the world with sell out shows all over the planet.
The ONLY GnR tribute to be PERSONALLY asked by 3 different members of the 1980's - 90's Guns N Roses lineup to join them on stage.
GNRE have the only singer able to deliver the exact same unique vocal style and stage show synonymous with classic Axl Rose, including being the only GnR tribute band frontman able to deliver November Rain on Piano.
A lead guitarist to pull off the Slash tone, look and attitude, many have tried but simply fall short.
With a true Guns N Roses sound and stage show, GNRE meticulously recreate every visual detail and every musical note to capture that reckless spirit of the original Guns N Roses legendary live performances.
Simply put, Gn'Re are the ONLY truly authentic Guns N Roses experience. Venue owners, Promoters and fans agree.
Nobody does it better.

Over 18 Only

Limited Early Birds

The venue will still have a few rules for those attending .Top priority is to keep everyone safe

Masks will still be required (unless exempt ) entering the venue , while at the bar , in the toilets and leaving the venue .
Have your phone handy so you can register with test and protect by scanning the QR code.
Please do not attend if felling unwell/ have covid symptoms. We recommend taking a lateral flow test up to 24 hours before the event .

Have fun we have all missed live music .

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Bannermans Bar

212 Cowgate
United Kingdom

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