Stanley Brinks & Freschard


Doors 7.00pm

Over 14 / Under 18 with an adult

General Admission Standing

Singer of Herman Düne, Stanley Brinks has played here twice before with The Wave Pictures. He’ll get by with a little bit of you, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, ephedrine and orange juice.

In 2004, Stanley Brinks and Freschard moved from Paris to Berlin, and quickly began making a name for themselves on the city’s music scene. They began issuing a steady stream of albums on CD-Rs, each of which bore similar photocopied duotone portrait covers, and backed by musicians from the Berlin and New York anti-folk scenes. They sought out off-circuit venues for live performances, and their off-kilter folk style stood out in techno-dominated, early ‘00s Berlin.

Eighteen years later, the duo are still going strong, building a sustainable career not by maximizing their business acumen, but by taking a different path—touring with friends, recording at home, and pursuing a business model based on community and pleasure rather than lucrative label deals. That freedom has allowed them to pursue their love of traveling, studying local music and incorporating the influence of calypso, Greek folk music, and Ethiopian melodic scales into their own music.

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Sneaky Pete's

73 Cowgate
United Kingdom

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