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“Diverse Part 2 is an album very much about now and the way black music can descant on the past and yet embrace endless innovation. In the spirit of the old sixties DJs that were the ghetto mavens of their era - "Cut the chatter, check out the platter." Stuart Cosgrove - writer and broadcaster, Stuart’s soul trilogy 'Detroit 67', 'Memphis 68' and the forthcoming 'Harlem 69' are published by Polygon, and tell the epic story of black music in times of profound change. The second book in the trilogy 'Memphis 68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul' won the Penderyn Prize as 'Music Book on the Year' in 2018. His previous book 'Young Soul Rebels' is a personal history of northern soul.

With 80,000 copies of his 2002 milestone, post club classic LP ‘Diverse’ already under his belt, Joseph Malik’s ‘Diverse Part 2’ is his first album outing in 12 years and his debut showcase on Ramrock Red Records. As I type, the debut single ‘Take A Left’, taken from the album, is already smashing it on BBC Radio 6 and beyond. Over the last 2 years, Joseph’s work ethic has been relentless and his intensely passionate commitment towards ‘Diverse Part 2’ has driven it to the finishing line, allowing us to savour the exquisite result. Thanks to his perseverance and the close support of friends of 30 years and his inspiration to sing, David Donnelly, Steven Christie along with Saleem Andrew McGroarty and Chris Greives, collaborate with Joseph to deliver an uncompromising, take no prisoners collection of songs that are, quite simply, spine tingling. Due for release in September 2018 on digital & vinyl, there is already an incredible buzz surrounding the album which Joseph has tantalisingly alluded to on various social media platforms during the production time. With a great ear for finding musically compatible artists to work with, Joseph has surrounded himself with a team of Scotland’s finest soul brothers and sisters to provide the raw energy to help him complete his mission to record the best in Soul, Jazz and Blues music. Together, they have created beautifully crafted melodies that fuel each track as their instruments interweave with Joseph’s distinctive vocals and the end result is respectful in its nod towards the musicians that went before as well as putting a fresh spin on the recordings. The hauntingly evocative ballad ‘Love Bound’ sits side by side with pared back track ‘But I’m Lost, Not Found’ full of longing and melancholy; sophisticated jazz jams are sprinkled throughout the line-up and the grittily authentic Rhythm & Blues number ‘Lost Not Found (Reprise)’ rubs a mohair suited shoulder with ‘Take A Left’, all of which allow Joseph’s captivating vocals space to soar and shine above the solid bedrock of his soul collective, the Easter Street Northern Soul Band.

Mr Malik’s first forays into music began when he started collecting records at 7 years old, buying vinyl from his local record shop in Glasgow’s West End. By the late 1970’s, he was 14 and DJ’ing at parties, breakdancing at the Plaza Ballroom with his older cousin’s crew ‘Glasgow City Breakers’ and working at the Sub Club as a glass collector and flyer boy. But, by his late teens he’d grown weary of Glasgow’s violent backdrop of race hate and moved around from Manchester hanging out at the iconic Hacienda night club then down to London, watching Jah Shaka before eventually ending up in Edinburgh where he felt at home in the accommodating, multicultural city. Joseph began honing his production skills as a DJ/co-producer as part of Scotland’s foremost hip hop group, ‘Black’anized’, going under the code name ‘M.F Outa ‘National’ and together with longtime friend + DJ/producer, Saleem Andrew McGroarty aka ‘Awunsounds’, he recorded the ground breaking ‘Miles Out Of Time’ which was included on the ‘Headz’ album. This was just the beginning of an extraordinarily, illustrious musical career that has spanned more than 30 years with Joseph Malik refusing to be stereotyped. Highlights include his vocal delivery on Rainer Trüby’s Trio seminal ‘High Jazz’ which resulted in a great friendship with Rainer who was instrumental in landing Joseph’s recording contract with German label, Compost on which he released his milestone, post club classic LP ‘Diverse’ to critical acclaim from his peers including Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay, which sold more than 80,000 copies. Success continued for Joseph - touring with Terry Callier, releasing a double album on the Stereo MCs ‘Response’ label, writing his 1st hit record ‘Crack Pipe’, working on hip hop, techno and Drum + Bass productions with luminaries such as Drumagick, Grand Unified, Darren Emerson, Fred Everything and Kruder & Dorfmeister, a remix album with Aqua Bassino and Grand Unified on remix duties .

The wheel has turned full circle……please be upstanding for Joseph Malik & ‘Diverse Part 2’.

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