Alex Rex

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Founding member and songwriter of folk-rock band Trembling Bells, Alex Rex sings songs of love, loss and loathing. Misanthropy has never sounded so glorious.

Known for his continuing collaborations with Alasdair Roberts and Richard Youngs, and for his work with elusive Jandek, Alex grew up in Leeds and now resides in London. An accomplished drummer, percussionist and singer who draws from jazz, psychedelia and the darker side of folk music, Otterburn reunites Alex with two of his Trembling Bells band mates, Lavinia Blackwall and Mike Hastings.

Aside from being a staple part of the folk-rock revival, Rex has performed alongside artists including Lucky Luke, The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, Ashtray Navigations, Alastair Galbraith and Isobel Campbell. He has also toured with several folk artists who have enjoyed a late rediscovery of their work, including Scott Fagan, Nick Garrie, Mike Heron and Shirley Collins.

Alex’s new release was the product of a cataclysmic event in his personal life which happened in April 2017. Sadly, Alex's brother Alastair passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on his canal boat in Leeds. The youngest of three boys, Alastair embodied all his family's best qualities and was a charming and spontaneous friend to anyone lucky enough to cross his path.

Forged in pain and made in Glasgow, Otterburn heaves with sorrow, despair, and a sense of humour and unique perspective that could only come from experiencing deep loss.

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SUN 26 JAN 2020
Giant Drag
Plus Special Guests
Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh19.00£15.00
MON 27 JAN 2020
Kettle of Kites
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm£6.00
WED 29 JAN 2020
+ Annie Booth
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm£7.00
SAT 1 FEB 2020
Cheap Teeth
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SUN 2 FEB 2020
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Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh10pm£10.00
FRI 7 FEB 2020
All Night Long
The Caves , Edinburgh11pm£12.00
SAT 8 FEB 2020
Italia 90
Support TBC
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm£6.00
TUE 11 FEB 2020
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm £12.50
THU 13 FEB 2020 - TUE 1 OCT 2019
Dry Cleaning
Support: Pozi
Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh19.00Sold Out
SAT 15 FEB 2020
Opium, EdinburghDoors 7pm£11.00
TUE 3 MAR 2020
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm£8.00
THU 5 MAR 2020
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm£10.00
THU 12 MAR 2020
Spinning Coin
Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh£8.00
MON 16 MAR 2020
Plus Guests
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm £8.00
WED 18 MAR 2020
Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh7pm£8.00
TUE 31 MAR 2020
Ralph TV
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm £6.00
WED 8 APR 2020
The Lottery Winners
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm£10.00
THU 9 APR 2020
The Starlight Magic Hour
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm £8.00
MON 20 APR 2020
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Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh10pm£9.00
SAT 2 MAY 2020
Nova Twins
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm £8.00
MON 4 MAY 2020
Plus Guests
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm Sold Out
TUE 5 MAY 2020
Plus Guests
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm Sold Out
SUN 10 MAY 2020
Public Practice
Sneaky Pete's, EdinburghDoors 7pm £9.00