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The Dead Boys were one of the first punk bands to escalate the level of violence, nihilism, and pure ugliness of punk rock to extreme new levels. Although considered part of New York's mid-'70s CBGB's scene, all of its bandmembers originally hailed from Cleveland, OH.

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Ivory Blacks

56 Oswald Street
United Kingdom
G1 4PL

Venue Details

THU 11 JUL 2024
Failed To Ignite + The Rarely Social + Alpha Signal
Exploding Onions
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7pm£8.00
SAT 20 JUL 2024
Chester Bennington Memorial Show feat In Graves
plus Oceans on Fire, Fate has Favourites and Misophonia
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 6.30 pm£5.00
SAT 3 AUG 2024
Warchrist + Iniquitous Savagery + Crusaders UK
+ Necrocracy + King Nobody + At Their Mercy + Evil Blood + Expectorating Sputum + Hyperstatsis +Mutalith + Marobaki
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 1pm£8.00
TUE 6 AUG 2024
Kid Brunswick
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7pm£15.00
SAT 24 AUG 2024
Led Zurrection (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors : 7.30pm£10.00
SUN 15 SEP 2024
Spreading The Disease 
+ Hedra + We Make Mammoths + Corrupt The System
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£8.00
WED 18 SEP 2024
Blaze Bayley
plus special guests
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 7.00 pm£18.00
SAT 21 SEP 2024
ZZ Toppd (ZZ Top Tribute)
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£10.00
SUN 29 SEP 2024
Back To Brown Street Bank Holiday Weekend Early Club Night
Ivory Blacks, Glasgowdoors 5.00 pm£6.00
SAT 5 OCT 2024
Party Fears Three
and Carnival
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 7.00pm£12.00
FRI 11 OCT 2024
+ supports
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£25.00
FRI 18 OCT 2024
The Guillotines + Stank Finger + Bad Year
Chin Up + Low Level Monk
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 6pm£8.00
THU 7 NOV 2024
The Entitled Sons
+ support
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors : 6.00pm£10.00
SAT 23 NOV 2024
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors 6.00 pm£12.00
SAT 19 APR 2025
Troyen & Medusa Touch
plus support
Ivory Blacks, GlasgowDoors : 7.00pm£8.00