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Josh Doyle is a British-American singer-songwriter and musician best known as a solo performer as well as being the frontman of UK rock group Dum Dums
In 2003, he and his wife sold and gave away all their personal belongings and moved from the UK to Nashville, Tennessee.
The next year saw him recording The End of Fear EP with college student Sam Shacklock, one half of Intramural (the other half be-ing Statistics frontman and Conor Oberst bandmate Denver Dalley). Doyle released the EP independently from his website, mailing each CD out by hand. An underground US following developed quickly, and respected zines such as Absolute Punk "a stellar debut, 8/10" and Sound The Sirens "a therapeutic must-have" gave high ratings. Using only MySpace and physical CD mail order sales (no touring, no digital sales, no radio) Doyle slowly but surely sold out of the first run of the EP, with help from a remnant of Dum Dums fans and a growing contingent newly discovered fans from the US.
In 2005 he played rough acoustic demos of new material to rock producer Joe Baldridge (Beck, Family Force 5, Jewel), who began producing his album, "The Long Distance Runner", without a record deal or management. At the same time, he also played his first solo shows in four years in Tennessee supporting Imogen Heap. His new songs impressed sufficiently to obtain international management from Showdown in the US (Creed, Mutemath, Paramore, Family Force 5) and Radius in the UK (Imogen Heap, Dum Dums).

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