808 STATE (Live)

& Jon Dasilva (Hacienda)


Doors 6.00pm - 11.00pm


808 STATE (Live)
Jon Dasilva (Hacienda/ I Love Acid)
Bosco & Rob Mason (Lets Go Back)
Mancunian electronic and Acid House pioneers 808 State live in Glasgow.
808 State made the opening salvos into what became UK Acid House & Techno. Their legacy is being discovered by new generations, with versions of their classic anthems such as “Pacific State”, “In Yer Face” & “Cubik”, re modelled recently by Bicep & Too Many DJs.
Jon Dasilva resident at “Hot” at the Hacienda Manchester in 1988. This was the club night that kicked off Acid House. The club night was year zero for Acid House. From there everything changed.
He continues to DJ around the globe with ‘I Love Acid’ club night.
Bosco & Rob Mason - Residents at Lets Go back one of the longest running club nights in the UK since 2000.

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BAaD Glasgow

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United Kingdom
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