Kedr Lavinskiy


Doors 7.30pm - 11.00pm


Kedr Livanskiy’s second album, Your Need, is a celebration of life and rebirth. It’s about a fighter’s spirit, and if you will, a little audacity and courage. DJ’ing and early forms of dance music inspired a furious burst of creative energy after months of melancholy, sadness and reflection to record the album in only a matter of weeks. After her first album, Ariadna, Kedr felt lost with her identity and was searching for the direction of her next chapter. For a while she felt trapped by her own image and needed quite some time to resolve this internal dissonance – to grow, to evolve. DJ’ing was the main catalyst to pull her out of this rut. The art form shifted her inspiration to mainly old school styles of dance music: ghetto, house, breakbeat and UK garage. For the prior year and a half she was listening to ambient, kraut-rock and more experimental genres – one can hear the brighter, more energetic influence of early electronic music in the songs on Your Need versus Ariadna.

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