David Ford


19.30 - 23.00


David Ford is finally happy.
For the first time in twenty years, there is nobody trying to make him famous.
Ford’s journey through the many worlds of the modern music industry has not always
been an easy one to navigate. A succession of record labels seduced by his talents
have in turn, attempted to sell him as a pop star, a protest singer, an indie hipster, a
balladeer and a bluesman.
In reality he might be all of these things.
And none of the above.
It’s complicated.
These days, Ford feels much more at home operating on the fringes of the music
business, not trying to be famous, not trying to get rich. It might be an
unconventional way to conduct a musical career, but this is not a conventional guy,
as evidenced by his most recent album, Animal Spirits, a surprisingly accessible,
even soulful collection of songs about economics.
As an artist Ford still defies classification or comparison. Singer­songwriter doesn’t
begin to cover it. He writes and performs with fluency across multiple genres, plays
every instrument on the stage and even invents new ones to create truly unique
recordings and performances. Every live show is different. Ford’s trademark one­
man loop machine circus grows more complex and audacious every year, but then
he is just as likely to show up with a six­piece band, a string quartet, jazz drummer or
a choir and his most recent UK tour proved he can be equally compelling sat in an
armchair, playing acoustic guitar and telling stories. The result is a live spectacle
described by The Guardian as “unmissable”.
As well as playing sold­out headline shows on both sides of the Atlantic, he has
toured with and supported artists such as Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Ray
LaMontagne, Aimee Mann, Sara Bareilles, Gomez, Aqualung, Richard Ashcroft,
Suzanne Vega, Augustana, Ingrid Michaelson and Jakob Dylan.
It is perhaps as a songwriter that David Ford is held in the highest regard. Often
praised for his lyrical dexterity and willingness to tackle matters of politics and
current affairs, Rolling Stone commended his “Genuine depth and striking authority”,
while The Telegraph described his work as “Smart, angry, witty, emotional songs,
delivered with raw­throated passion.” His debut album, I Sincerely Apologise for All
the Trouble I've Caused, was included in both The Times and Word Magazine's top
ten albums of the year. His records have achieved number one slots on iTunes and
in 2014, he received the French Grammy award for best original song.
Ford’s masterful songwriting, powerful live performances and utter distaste for self­
promotion have helped cultivate a passionate, devoted fan base that exists
something like a secret society.
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