Paul Lamb & The King Snakes


7.00 p.m


Harp maestro Paul Lamb & his band the King Snakes, continue to reinforce the bands considerable reputation,
with his latest album “Live at the Royal Albert Hall – The Times

Enjoy the best harp player on this island …in Europe… oh what the hell, probably
the best harp player in the world?! – Blues & Rhythm magazine
The blues is synonymous with the passion of its performers, and in the often harsh economic landscape of the north east of England, Paul Lamb discovered that passion. Inspired by Sonny Terry and Little Walter, and yet frustrated at being on the outside looking in at these warriors of the blues. Then came the harmonica; that melodious harp that takes many a song for a rollercoaster ride, giving it a unique voice along the way. Paul played the way his heroes played, and he fought the way his heroes fought. His journey strayed from the Mississippi Delta blues of Doctor Ross, and settled instead for the east coast style of Sonny Terry. He sought the keys to the citadel, to the cathedrals of the blues, bidding farewell to family and friends as he swept aside the doubts that have crushed so many others before him, and he emerged victorious, with emperors from all corners of the blues kingdom hailing him as one of their own. “Sweet sweet woman” “ Consultation Man” “ Preachin’ the Blues “

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