Dana Gavanski


doors 7.30 pm - 11.00 pm

Born in Vancouver to a Serbian family, but relocating to Montreal to attend university, Dana originally planned to pursue a career in film. However, shifted her attention back to music when her then ex-partner left her his guitar before moving to NYC. Having known only how to play 'Diamonds and Rust’ by Joan Baez, Dana picked up a Travis Picking technique book and started learning how to play. When in the Summer of 2016, she took a job.
with her father as a producer’s assistant on a horror film in the
Laurentians, she made enough to focus solely on developing her music for a year. With that came her first EP, Spring Demos. In 2019, Dana signed with Full Time Hobby and released two 7" singles ("One By One", "Catch") and
announced her debut album "Yesterday Is Gone", a co-production between Sam Gleason, Tunng's Mike Lindsayand Dana herself. The critically acclaimed album was released in March 2020, followed by an EPof covers titled "Wind Songs", released in August of the same year. Dana's second album "When It Comes" was released in April 2022, followed by headline tours around UK,
Europe and north America, and is followed by third album LATE SLAP, due for release in April 2024.

over 18s only

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Hug & Pint

171 Great Western Road
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Rainbow Girls
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Cap Carter
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Core. Presents: Death Lens
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