Olly Chalk Trio - Scathed Citizens ( Album Launch )


7.30pm - 11.00 p.m.


Olly Chalk Trio - Scathed Citizens (Album Release Tour)
Olly Chalk - piano/compositions
Sam Ingvorsen - double bass
Gwilym Jones - drums
The Olly Chalk Trio walks the high-wire between total freedom and detailed
writing, juggling intricate, daring and emotive compositions with explosive
improvising. Olly’s writing draws from 20th Century Classical and traditional
Japanese music and often make connections to poetry and spoken word. After
winning the Peter Whittingham Development Award in January 2018, the trio were
joined in the studio by fiery New York saxophonist John O’Gallagher. The music
from this new album: ‘Scathed Citizens’ explores a vivid picture-book of themes:
science fiction, mysticism, hope, anxiety, dystopia and growing up in the peaceful
Suffolk countryside.


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