A love From Outer Space - Sean Johnston


10.00pm - 4.00am


Another fantastic ALFOS was had this Sept, thank you.

ALFOS Public Service Announcement with Synths.

As usual the advanced sales were unbelievable. We did have some room/space but we know life is going on outside the ALFOS Orbit & lots of you are heading to France. I have to say the walk up for that extra space in Sept was the strongest in new cadets I've seen in a while. The new cadets weren't just stumbling by, they were coming to check out the wonderful party you've created at The Berkeley Suite. From the feedback coming through both socials & word of mouth chat the new cadets will be back.
The brief being it's looking likely that briefs/tickets might be a good idea for the future, you'll always get in no matter what the potential walk up queue size is.

Can't Thank You All Enough, Jah Bless


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Berkeley Suite

237 North Street
United Kingdom
G3 7DL

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