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Tracyanne & Danny is a new collaborative project between singer-songwriters Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) and Danny Coughlan (Crybaby).

Their paths first crossed in 2013 when introduced by mutual music industry pals. Tracyanne dug Danny’s Crybaby album (released on Helium Records) and invited him to open some Camera Obscura shows in the UK.

Mutual artistic respect led to the swapping of song ideas, but tentative plans to work together were set aside while Camera Obscura wrote, recorded, released, and promoted their fifth album Desire Lines. But following the death of Camera Obscura’s Carey Lander, all band activity stopped. Time passed. Tracyanne and Danny revisited the idea of collaborating.

Sessions took place throughout 2016 and 2017. Edwyn co-produced along with engineer and multi-instrumentalist Sean Read (Dexys). They had the use of Edwyn’s vintage gear (including the guitar pedal which features on his global hit A Girl Like You) as they invoked a range of shared influences: The Roches, Dion, Lou Reed, The Flamingos, Serge Gainsbourg, Santo & Johnny, and The Style Council. Edywn pops up with a guest vocal on first single Alabama, an intentionally “joyous” tribute to Tracyanne’s late friend and band mate Carey Lander.

Tracyanne & Danny is not a diverting curio or a wee stop on the road to someplace else. It is a shared artistic aesthetic, forged over time. They have figured out how to fit round each other and work together, creating a rewarding musical synergy. There will be more songs. Meanwhile, they are looking forward to releasing and promoting the first fruits of their labors with live shows throughout UK, Europe, North America, and beyond.


Following in the footsteps of the so-called ‘ Sound Of Young Scotland’ in the early 1980s, The Pastels have proven to be an enduring act, stubborn and purposeful, carving out their own niche and still commanding a legion of devoted fans and seeing off too many fads, fashions and scenes to mention.

The current Pastels lineup is for the most part the musicians who made Slow Summits which was shortlisted for the 2013 Scottish Album Of The Year – Stephen McRobbie, Katrina Mitchell, Tom Crossley, Alison Mitchell and John Hogarty, with Suse Bear on bass guitar. They are looking forward to starting work on a new record in 2019.

“In a certain sense, the Pastels are a punk band, or a band that has always privileged punk values: community, equality, the homegrown and self-directed. But whatever politics the band holds are implicit. It’s difficult to imagine the Pastels raging against any machine. It’s easy, however, to imagine them turning away from the machine entirely. They’ve been doing it for 25 years. Like all Pastels albums, Slow Summits feels like the work of a tightly knit gang of outcasts. Together they roam familiar streets, checking out the public tennis courts and town center, armed with the knowledge that the deepest mysteries are the ones we barely notice and the greatest adventures are ones taken closest to home.” – Pitchfork

“Cult heroes: the Pastels – the quirky individualists at the heart of Glasgow’s music scene.” – The Guardian

“The description “cult band” usually suggests a group that has been going for a while but is only really important to a very small number of people. This definition can be applied to The Pastels, in that they are a permanent feature of student bedrooms, scouring out the back rooms of the Western world. Such an impression may be unfair, as is the fact that good fortune always seems to have eluded them. But their music has been a breath of fresh air – and a fistful of dollars – to a whole generation of musicians, and it doesn’t stop with Teenage Fanclub. Sonic Youth rate them, and JAMC and Kurt Cobain revered them.” – Les Inrockuptibles Paris, France.

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