Midnite City




Formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde.
Armed with an album's worth of material written under the working title of MIDNITE CITY, Wylde approached friend Pete Newdeck (Newman/ Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints) to produce three songs for him to shop to record labels.
Wylde sang, played guitar and bass on the recordings whilst Newdeck played drums, provided backing vocals and took care of the production. Wylde also brought in newcomer guitarist Miles Meakin who played guitar solos on the recordings and former band mate James Martin (Vega) who laid down keyboards on the tracks. After being mixed by Newdeck, the songs were sent to Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) who mastered them at his studio in Canada.
The songs 'Nothing's Like Losing You', 'Summer Of Our Lives' and 'Think About You' were then sent out to labels and garnered considerable interest across the board, resulting in a deal being inked with German label AOR Heaven.
With a record deal in place, Newdeck officially joined the band as drummer in the Spring of 2017, alongside Miles Meakin on guitar and Shawn Charvette on keyboards.
With the line up now in place, the band began work on their debut album at PNP Productions in Tewkesbury UK, completing the recordings in June 2017.
With a sound that the band describes as 'Timeless, melodic rock/ hair metal', MIDNITE CITY cover all bases when it comes to this much loved genre of music. From ultimate feel good, party rock anthems, to brooding melodic rock monsters, to spine tingling power ballads, they are all here in abundance, and then some.
With an album release being planned for October 2017, MIDNITE CITY will be taking their explosive live show out on the road throughout the UK, Europe and the USA in late 2017/ 2018.

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Bannermans Bar

212 Cowgate
United Kingdom

Venue Details

FRI 10 APR 2020
Blackmore's Blood
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£12.00
SAT 11 APR 2020
Janus Stark (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm £8.00
THU 16 APR 2020
Tezaura + Serpentyne (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
FRI 17 APR 2020
Blood Oath +Bloodyard (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£7.00
SAT 18 APR 2020
Ryan McCombs (Soil / Drowning Pool ) (To be Rescheduled)
An Acoustic Evening
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm £13.00
MON 20 APR 2020
Howling Giant + Sergeant Thunderhoof
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm cancelled
MON 27 APR 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pmCancelled
FRI 1 MAY 2020
Bruce Kulick (KISS) (To be Rescheduled)
& DTK ( Kiss Tribute)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7pm£25.00/£100
SUN 3 MAY 2020
Geoff Tate
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7pm£18.00
MON 4 MAY 2020
Night Demon + Seven Sisters
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£12.00
WED 6 MAY 2020
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pmcancelled
THU 7 MAY 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£15.00
TUE 12 MAY 2020
Dead Girls Academy
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£10.00
WED 13 MAY 2020
The Swamp Born Assasins
+ Thunderfuck & The Deadly Romantics
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£7.00
THU 14 MAY 2020
Drivin N Cryn
+ Warner E.Hodges
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30m£17.00
THU 21 MAY 2020
Sam Millar
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£5.00
WED 27 MAY 2020
Warrior Soul + The Throbs
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7pm Cancelled
THU 28 MAY 2020
Every Mothers Nightmare (To be Rescheduled)
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£14.00
FRI 29 MAY 2020
Electric Circus
WASP Tribute
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£12.00
SAT 30 MAY 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm£10.00
SUN 31 MAY 2020
(Muse Tribute)
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£10.00
MON 1 JUN 2020
Marco Mendoza
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£15.00
WED 3 JUN 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
SAT 6 JUN 2020
Jaime Harding (Marion)
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh8pm£12.00
THU 11 JUN 2020
Prima Donna Rising
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£10.00
THU 18 JUN 2020
Gin Annie
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm10.00
FRI 3 JUL 2020
Stop Stop
Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh7.30pm£8.00
FRI 10 JUL 2020
Wrong Jovi
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm £10.00
SUN 12 JUL 2020
Black Aces + Thirteen Stars *Postponed / new tbc*
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£8.00
MON 13 JUL 2020
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 7.30pm£7.00
SAT 18 JUL 2020
Ryders Creed + These Wicked Rivers
Bannermans Bar, EdinburghDoors 8pm £8.00