Melting Pot Present Gilles Peterson + Earl Zinger

with Rebecca Vasmant


11pm - 4am

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It's been a long time coming, 16 years since we started, but we've finally got Gilles Peterson playing for Melting Pot.

Gilles has been an inspirational figure for what seems like forever, with his radio shows (6 Music, Worldwide FM) , record labels (Brownswood, Talkin Loud), DJing, compiling, festival organising (Worldwide Festival) and producing.

His love of music, without prejudice, sets him aside from so many DJs. We are going to be in for a treat, whether it's disco, house, jazz, latin, Brazilian, afrobeat, soul, techno, classics or future classics. As long as it's great music, Gilles plays it. That's the Melting Pot way.

We'll be bringing in all our hi-fi goodness so it sounds as good as we can make it.

Gilles is also joined by Earl Zinger, who'll be making sure we're in full party mode!

We also have our good friend Rebecca Vasmant joining in the fun alongside us.

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