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One of the Greatest Pianists of Our Time

He gives the Joy Of The Piano to the world!

What do people in the audience say about Lubomyr Melnyk?

Here are just a few of the hundreds of accolades from concert-goers:

“.. absolutely stunning ..! I have never been so in love with the piano as now ! “!

“--- the man is a magician .. he is hiding more hands than we can see ….”

“It was the most transcendent experience of my life at any concert … I loved it “ !

…”.. just stupendous … “ !

“.. his fingers are not even touching the keys”… how does he do it ? “

“--- he is not human ! his playing is from Heaven !...”

Lubomyr Melnyk is the pioneer of Continuous Piano Music … and one of the truly great pianists of our time --- in fact, some consider him to be THE greatest pianist alive today !

Why? ---- because of his extraordinary speed and virtuosity, and his ability to create effects on the piano that no one has ever been able to do before ---amazing almost electronic sounds out of the piano!

With his extraordinary technique, he paints never-before heard “landscapes” of sound, with his fingers playing occasionally at super-sonic speeds of over 19.5 notes per second in each hand … something that no other pianist can even dream of doing ! He brings the Joy of the piano into the world... for everyone.

In the mid-70´s, he began working on new concepts of piano playing that combined Advanced Classical piano technique with the transcendent philosophies of the Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Over the years, his devotion to perfection has taken the piano into completely new dimensions, with capacities that allow him to create sound effects on the piano that have never been heard before ! --- and play at speeds that pianists never imagined were possible ….

He is correctly called “The Prophet Of The Piano” !

His deeply personal performances have enthralled audiences all over the world … and his most technically advanced pieces have dumbfounded the piano establishment because they are virtually unplayable, even for the greatest living concert pianists !

As a unique pioneer, Lubomyr created a completely new language for the piano, called “Continuous Music” ---- a revolutionary approach to the piano, based on new forms of mental and finger agility to create the complex note-formulations and phenomenal speeds needed for this new sound to the piano … where one can

sometimes hear a full orchestra or sounds of nature !

It is definitely NOT normal piano playing !

The Ambient character of his Continuous Music has attracted a steadily growing audience, who enthusiastically find this new multi-dimensional sound experience to be a fresh and wonderful face for the piano!

Between 1980 and 1990, he released six albums, two of which were double lp-s, and his “The SONG OF GALADRIEL” was listed as "one of the 10 most important albums of our time " by the New York STEREO REVIEW MAGAZINE.... Since 2002 he has released about 16 new digital albums including "Illirion" on SONY Classical.

HIs musical works scan a wide variety of instrumental variations, from solo and double piano, to ensembles, opera, string quartets, modern ballet, orchestra, and everything beyond !

He has been commissioned by many music groups, including The New Chamber Orchesta, the ARRAY Ensemble,. the CBC radio of Canada, Deutche Rundfunck. the National Ballet of Canada and many more.

He is featured at various music festivals, and gives concerts throughout all of Europe, North America, China and Japan. He is also shown a great interest in technological innovations that can enhance and deepen the music experience of his audiences and is constantly working with various sound engineers to improve recording techniques within digital recording.

His albums have been released by APPARITION RECORDS, Music Gallery Editions, BANDURA RECORDS, UNSEEN WORLDS, ERASED TAPES, and SONY Classical.

The Queen's Hall

85-89 Clerk Street
United Kingdom

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