Johnny Moped


doors 7.30 pm

Formed in 1974 by a group of school friends from Croydon, by 1977 Johnny Moped found themselves at the heart of the burgeoning punk scene in London and for a brief moment even looked like contenders. "When I first met Johnny," Captain Sensible - the band's original guitarist - says, "I just thought, this guy is a bundle of frenetic energy; he's a megastar waiting to happen." By 1978, after an intense year of activity, the band were completing their first record with Chiswick Records and things were looking promising. Cut to modern times and Johnny Moped are one of the few bands left from that era that still have it. That still rock. That still make you smile. That are still fun. From (possibly) inventing punk rock in Croydon in 1974, to never ever having cared for being trendy, to the present, deserved position as a savant genius, seeing Johnny Moped is a heartwarming experience. We saw him in Madrid about a year ago and there was barely a dry eye in the house.

over 18s only

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