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Lipali was created on the basis of Tomek "Lipa" Lipnicki solo project, after the break-up of the legendary Illusion he still felt the musical hunger ...

In 2003, Adrian "Qlos" Kulik and Łukasz "Luk" Jeleniewski joined him. As a trio, they recorded four studio albums: "Pi", "Bloo", "Trio", "3850". Such hits as "Upadam", "Popioły" or "Jeżozwierz" sounded on them.

After more than a decade, Roman Bereźnicki joined the band and the gentlemen worked on the "Fasady" album, which appeared at the end of 2015. Since 2018, Adrian Kulik has been replaced by Łukasz Gajowniczek on bass guitar.

This fall, Lipali will take off with a unique concert tour to celebrate the 15th anniversary for their fans in 15 European cities.

The jubilee tour will be a tribute to the fans - it is they who will influence both the location of the concerts and the list of songs played on each of them; the discussion about the setlist concerts will take place on the facebook profile:

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