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Frankie Miller was born on 2nd November 1949 in the East End of Glasgow. Growing up with a passion for the Bluesy, Soulful, Rock n' Roll music of Ray Charles and Little Richard, and for the way that their classic songs were crafted.

If you are unfamiliar with Frankie Miller, simply check him out on YouTube. The first thing that will hit you like a hammer is his unbelievable voice, and his smouldering stage - presence. However, there’s more! Frankie Miller writes incredible songs.

I suppose you'd have to ask Joe Walsh, Sir Elton John, Sir Rod Stewart, or Joe Cocker, Etta James, Cher, The - Travelling Wilburys, Willie Nelson, The Everly Brothers or Ray Charles about his writing prowess. These World Class Artists, incredible Musicians all, have each covered Frankie Miller songs.

Yet still Frankie remains largely an “Unsung Hero” in his own Country.

Now comes the exciting prospect of Frankie’s music being reinvigorated by some of the country’s finest musicians, Musicians totally dedicated to the works of their Friend, Frankie Miller.

The Band is made up of his own Old Bandmates, a reincarnation of ‘FULLHOUSE’, Frankie’s most successful Outfit from the mid/late 70’s.

Led by Guitarist Ray Minhinnett - a founding member of the original Fullhouse with Frankie himself - Ray Toured and recorded extensively with the great man, playing on Frankies’ classic tracks including: Be Good To Yourself, Fool In Love, Jealous Guy, Ain't Got No Money, Doodle Song and many more.

Ray is joined by Ed Deane on guitar. Formerly of The Frankie Miller Band Ed featured on the Falling In Love album, which boasted the single 'Darlin'.

Terry 'Tex' Comer: provides - as always - the essential, “Cool Grooves” on Bass guitar. Formally of the Frankie Miller Band, Tex has done the same for Warm Dust, ACE, The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver and The Ray Minhinnett Band .

Andy Golden: One of the two Newcomers to Miller’s music, he played drums on tracks on Frankie’s Double Take ‘Duets’ album. Prior to that he had served with The Pirates, and Original Thin Lizzy Guitarist - Eric Bell. Together with Tex Comer, contributes to a remarkable rhythm section of great Feel.

Should you now be thinking “What about the vocals?” Rest assured Gregor MacGregor - a fellow Glaswegian of Frankie’s, has got this well covered. Spotted by UFO Drummer Clive Edwards - an old Stable Mate of Frankie and Rays’ from Chrysalis Records days - he saw Greg singing along Karaoke style to Frankie playing on a Juke Box at a FREE Convention in a Newcastle Bar. He rang Ray immediately while videoing Gregor. All are agreed, this is as close a vocal delivery as you’re going to get to Frankie’s irreplaceable, God Given voice.

So if you fancy a great night of Rockin, Soulful, Sassy Bluesy Frankie Miller music, penned by this Absolute Legend of the International Music Scene, delivered by one of the Best Live British Bands around, what are you waiting for? It’s gotta be FULLHOUSE.


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Bannermans Bar

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