Peggy Sue


19.30 - 23.00

18+ * Rescheduled from 28th Sept 2020*

Peggy Sue are London via Brighton indie
duo Rosa Slade and Katy Young. Founded in
2007, the band have released three albums on Wichita Recordings, culminating in 2014's
critically acclaimed 'Choir Of Echoes', and toured with the likes of
Jack White
and First Aid Kit.
'Slow Fade' is the first single from Peggy Sue's upcoming fourth album (due 2018.) After a
three year break
during which
Rosa Slade and Katy Young have been performing with all
female singing group Deep Throat Choir
'Slow Fade' is an apt comeback; a melancholy
celebration of patience. It is a
dreamy breakup song, one that let's you hang around lazily in
the days when you a
ren't ok yet.
The single
and upcoming album
borrow in equal parts from the perfectly
constructed pop
songs of the 1960s and
the understated, noisey guitar experiments of 90s indie bands such as
The Breede
The new material sees front
women Slade and Young joined by Dan Blackett (Landshapes)
on drums and Benjamin Gregory (GRIP TIGHT) on bass who bring an fresh energy and
clarity to the band's enduringly
captivating duel vocals.

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