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Antytila in «Name of the city»!

The world-famous Ukrainian band "Antytila" is going on a new part of the world tour in October. The artists will visit three continents and play large-scale Ukrainian shows. The concerts will feature songs that are sung today by people all over the world.

Ukrainian stars who before the war gathered stadiums and the largest arenas in the country and abroad.

Those who, from the first day of the war, left their instruments and went to the front.

Those who released a common song with Ed Sheeran and sang with Bono and the Edge from U2.

Those who carry the spirit and strength of Ukraine in their songs...are coming to your city!

To gather like-minded people all over the world with their music.

2Step, Bakhmut Fortress , TDME, Viryla, these songs became a consolation and salvation for many Ukrainians during the war. An excuse to cry, or to smile, grieve and cry out what hurts and find the strength to live and fight on. The song Hello became the soundtrack to a sensational BBC documentary and further opened up modern Ukrainian music to European and American audiences. Soon all these compositions will be performed live in your city.

Antytila band announces new cities!

«These concerts, this tour, in fact, could not happen. When we came to our 130th Battalion on the first day of the war, we did not think at all that after a year and a half we would be able to take the stage again. We just left the instruments at home and picked up the guns, that's all. In Kharkiv Oblast, we faced the death several times, and you know what, after that you especially appreciate life. Especially. Therefore, if you are reading this text, alive, then there is a reason to thank fate for this! And get together to sing songs that have meaning, nerve and unique history. By the way when you attend our concerts you’re not just listening to good music live but support Armed Forces of Ukraine" says the leader of Antytila, Taras Topolia.

The last part of the tour collected more than 2 million UAH, which were sent for the purchase of anti-drone guns, tourniquets and other useful items for the units of the Armed Forces.

The final part of the concerts will be symbolically held in Kyiv on February 14, 2024.

Tickets and details on link. Concert cities and dates will be added.

Currently, the musicians direct all their efforts to the volunteer projects of their own Charitable Foundation, which also takes care of the children and families of the fallen soldiers of their 130th battalion.

The band's official website:

The official website of Antytila Charitable Foundation:

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