The David Tattersall Group (of The Wave Pictures and The Surfing Magazines)

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The David Tattersall Group is a new project from David Tattersall of The Wave Pictures and The Surfing Magazines. Their self titled album will be released on October 6th on Bella Union Records

Who’s the blond headed stranger in town? Hang on, that ain’t no stranger… it’s David… David Tattersall! He likes to Drive All Night, Bright Moon shining in the sky, Mellow Magic on the radio, playing new old time classics… country style!

And he’s back, back in town, back in the groove, laying down his shit. That’s right, that’s what I’m saying... he’s got some brand new songs to play you with his group… The David Tattersall Group! Lonesome number one? Blue boy? Not a bit of it! Sure, it’s a little bit country, a little bit Western, but it ain’t lonesome and it sure as hell ain’t blue. Think Willie Nelson on the road again with his friends, think Michael Hurley armchair boogieing with Banana and Joe Bauer, and then think David Tattersall grooving down with his group… The David Tattersall Group. Night Owls, smoking and drinking, layin’ down some Midnight Lightning country style somewhere in some doggone dusty part of East London. Good times together. Yeah, this band, this album, The David Tattersall Group… it's a country and western kinda thing, except David don’t put on no fake American accent. As always, David’s the real deal, his real self, and if you want to make real country and western with that real country feeling, the real deal’s what you gotta be. And there ain’t no doubt, DON’T YOU DARE DOUBT IT, DT is the real deal. To use the bullshit parlance of our times… he’s authentic. Oh yeah he is, he’s his real authentic self, living his best f****n’ authentic life. And that’s what this record is, The David Tattersall Group record. It’s a slice, no, it’s a whole collection of slices, NO, it’s a whole goddamn pie of real authentic David Tattersall!

And check out his group. You got ‘Wailin’ Dom Brider (The Surfing Magazines) laying down his soulful sounds on his harmonica. You got fiddlin’ Dan Mayfield (Darren Hayman), bona fide countrified. You got honky-tonkin’ Paul Rains (Allo' Darlin') on the piano. But you know all that ain’t worth diddly squat if you ain’t got that country groove… that’s where Bo-Diddlin’ David Beauchamp (Jeffrey Lewis) comes in, super cool like on the drums. Yeah, it’s a hell of a band, The David Tattersall Group, on their new self-titled genuine vinyl lp.

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