Lydia Lunch Sings Suicide feat. Marc Hurtado

BLYTH (Ian White)





Lydia Lunch has crossed paths with Alan Vega and Martin Rev of Suicide upon arrival in
New York at age 16, late 70 SUICIDE The first show of which she attended was a real shock,
a revelation on a new form of a concert, a total show, theatrical, free, violent. Since
then, a close relationship, as much artistic than friendly, united them , Lydia Lunch
performed on stage and on a record "Frankie Teardrop" by Suicide and she sang a duet
with Alan Vega in the album SNIPER by Alan Vega and Marc Hurtado in 2010.

Marc Hurtado, had already met Alan Vega and Lydia Lunch on his Etant Donnés ‘s RE-UP
album Be in 1999 and he formed the project My Lover The Killer in 2013 with Lydia Lunch ,
with whom they recorded an album and play on stage.

Today Lydia Lunch and Marc Hurtado join forces for this event around Suicide and Alan
Vega songs , it will be a kind of sonic "Blitzkrieg" and a visual shamanic ceremony, where
both artists will burn their souls in the volcanic heart of the music of Alan Vega and
Suicide, concentrated to melt their performance in kaleidoscopic film INFINITE
DREAMERS directed by Marc Hurtado dedicated to Alan Vega and Martin Rev

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