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Alejandro Rose
Garcia (aka Shakey Graves) announced his newest album 'Can't Wake Up' (out now on
Dualtone) with a simple message to his fans
“Next album. New sound. Sell your suspenders."
That tongue
cheek statement, though, was a genuine attempt
to prepare his followers for a major sonic
shift for the Texas songwriter, who got his start performing as a one
man band, culminating with an
Americana Music Awards win for "Emerging Artist of the Year" behind his breakout full
length album, 'And
The War
Now armed with a full band, Rose
Garcia leaves behind much of that stripped
down, folk
y sound. 'Can't
Wake Up' takes his songwriting in a "decidedly bigger direction" full of "lush indie compositions"
Consequence of Sound
), drawing on another se
t of his musical influences, ranging from the Beatles and
Harry Nilsson to Elliott Smith, Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill and other '90s indie rock bands.
Sitting down with
Thrasher Magazine
, Rose
Garcia explained what sparked the change in creative
irection. "To get your head above water, you have to have an identity. I wore a cowboy hat and played a
suitcase drum. There are tons of people who still imagine me as that guy, because that's the only thing
they've seen," he admits. But on this album, he
says, "I made something that I want to listen to."
The response so far proves that it was a worthwhile risk. As
NPR Music
writer Nina Corcoran put it, he
"gambles with the very formula that brought him fame," adding that "he pulls it off in large part du
e to his
storytelling prowess; these songs would be welcoming, even enthralling, in any style."
was struck by Rose
Garcia's knack for storytelling, calling the album "a lyrical powder keg,"
Brooklyn Vegan
said it "ditches the roots rock vi
be he’s been known for in favor of something
weirder," adding "it's not the Shakey Graves you’re used to at all, and it’s very worth a listen."
With a road
tested group of musicians and a hand
built stage set up complete with psychedelic lighting and
ps, Shakey Graves' live show has grown into something much bigger, too. "After smashing his mold on
'Can't Wake Up,' Shakey Graves also revolutionized his live show," said the
Austin Chronicle
, describing a
recent hometown set as "a seamless and compelling
home run of a performance."
"Shakey Graves' latest reinvention is also his best," said the
Dallas Observer.
"[He's] never sounded freer,
weirder or more in touch with his skill set."
More press for 'Can't Wake Up':
"Sublime, spooky...radical dreampop..
.portrait of an inner fantasy life."
"A rewarding left
turn...thoroughly enjoyable. Despite reports to the contrary, the rock genre is not only not
on its last legs in 2018, it’s thriving quite nicely."
"Exceptional...subverts presu
Garcia takes listeners deep on a trip inside his psyche...genre
CBC Radio (Canada)


1 Summerhall
United Kingdom

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