THU 1 FEB 2024
Margaret Glaspy Mono, Glasgow
CongratulationsHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
Absolution The Ferry ...., Glasgow
(Muse Tribute)doors 7.30 pm£15.00
Florence BlackClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
+ Support Doors 7.00pm£13.00
Samuel NicholsonSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
FRI 2 FEB 2024
The Allman Brothers Project By SafehouseHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£13.50
Simply RodThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£13.00
Suffer Under Sorrow & From TyrannyAudio, Glasgow
plus Below The Neck and Zero OneDoors 6:30pm£9.00
Jeff Rosenstock + Shit PresentThe Mash House, Edinburgh
Doors : 7.30pmSold Out
Celtic Connections: Ruth LyonGlad Cafe, Shawlands
+ Eve SimpsonDoors : 7.00pm£12.50
Absolution Beat Generator Live, Dundee
(Muse Tribute)Doors 8.00pm£15.00
Midnight AmbulanceBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£12.50
Carla J EastonSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£10.00
Celtic Connections: Junior Brother Hug & Pint, Glasgow
+ Ceitidh Mac7.30 pm£12.50
FRI 2 FEB 2024 - SUN 4 FEB 2024
UK BLUES, RHYTHM & ROCK FESTIVAL - 3 Day Ticket Blackpool winter Gardens, Blackpool
SAT 3 FEB 2024
Celtic Connections: Lankum Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors: 7.00pm£26.50
ErnestThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
+ SupportDoors 8.30 pm£12.50
Colours 29th Birthday Party SWG3, Glasgow
doors 8.00 pm£29/34/39.00
BlockbustarzBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
Pete Wylie and The Might Wah!Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£21.50
THE FILTHY TONGUES The Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
+ Special GuestsDoors : 7.00pm£17.00
Jeff Rosenstock Queen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
plus Shit PresentDoors : 7.00 pm£16.50
LogozBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 8.00pm£10.00
Midnight Ambulance Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£12.50
The Deke McGee BandThe Boarding House, Howwood
Doors 7.30pm£15.00
Morderstein - Tribute to RammsteinClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£14.00
Absolution Queens Hall , Dunoon
(Muse Tribute)Doors 7.00pmCancelled
The PolisThe Hive, Edinburgh
Doors 6.45pm £13.00
Celtic Connections: Lavinia BlackwallHug & Pint, Glasgow
SUN 4 FEB 2024
XENTRIX - 35th Anniversary Tour Audio, Glasgow
and Tortured DemonDoors 6:30pm£20.00
+ Special GuestsDoors : 7.00pm£17.00
Absolution Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Muse TributeDoors 8.00pm£15.00
Concious PilotSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£10.00
Drab MajestyROOM 2 , Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£20.00
BaestClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£13.00
TUE 6 FEB 2024 - THU 30 NOV 2023
Greywind Audio, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£12.00
TUE 6 FEB 2024
Just Joe - A Vulgar Display of Piano Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£11.50
WED 7 FEB 2024
Example O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Doors 7pmSold Out
GHOSTWOMAN Hug & Pint, Glasgow
CurrentsSlay, Glasgow
Support – Being As An Ocean, Oceans Ate Alaska & SentinelsDoors 6.30pm£18.00
THU 8 FEB 2024
The DaybreakersBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£13.00
HaiverHug & Pint, Glasgow
19:30Sold Out
The Piano Men: A Tribute to Elton John & Billy JoelThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£13.00
GHOSTWOMANVoodoo Rooms - Speakeasy, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£14.00
Noah & The LonersBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
FRI 9 FEB 2024
Wrong JoviHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
Till Death Do Us PartyThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£13.00
Dead Men Walking La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Featuring, Jake Burns, Dave Ruffy, Segs Jennings & Kirk BrandonDoors 7.00pm£27.50
Bikini BodyThe Mash House, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
Martha May & The Mondays Rum Shack, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£10.00
Haiver Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 9.00pmSold Out
The MenzingersBarrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£25.00
Nyctopia + Time ImmemorialLegends, Edinburgh
Support: TBCDoors 7.30pm£11.00
Party Cannon 'Partied in Half 10 year Anniversary'The Garage (Attic Bar), Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£14.00
Haiver - Matinee Show Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 6.00pm£14.00
FRI 9 FEB 2024 - SUN 11 FEB 2024
LOVE LIVE - Weekend TicketBlackpool winter Gardens, Blackpool
SAT 10 FEB 2024
ABBA Party NightThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£13.00
Niki KingThe Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
The Everlasting Energy of LoveDoors 7pm Start 8pm£20.00
HAYDEN PEDIGOGlad Cafe, Shawlands
Doors 7pm£12.00
Dirty Harry (Blondie Tribute)Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
SIMPLE PLAN O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Mayday Parade, State ChampsDoors 6.00pm£32.50
The Vintage ExplosionGlasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pmSingle Seats only available
Wrong JoviBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 8pm£15.00
The Deep Blue Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7:30pm£12.00
EMF Oran Mor, Glasgow
plus supportDoors 7:00pm£22.50
Metal Militia ( Metallica tribute)Audio, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£15.00
SUN 11 FEB 2024
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£29.50
A. SavageBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
MON 12 FEB 2024
Alien Chicks Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£10.00
Enter ShikariEdinburgh O2 Academy, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pmSold Out
SkydaddySneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£9.00
TUE 13 FEB 2024
Roisin MurphyO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£35.00
MalevolenceLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Support: Pain of Truth & Rough JusticeDoors 6.30pm£25.00
KassogthaHug & Pint, Glasgow
WED 14 FEB 2024
Alcatrazz, Girlschool, Raven and AirforceIvory Blacks, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£25.00
Matt MalteseSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£16.50
AcolyteBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£10.00
SkydaddyBroadcast, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£9.00
THU 15 FEB 2024
Kim Petras O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Feed The Beast World Tour Doors 7.00 pm£27.50
As Everything Unfolds G2 (The Garage), Glasgow
+ South Arcade & DarlahDoors 7pm£13.00
Manu DelagoMono, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£15.00
Rick WakemanGlasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
The Return of the Caped Crusader Doors 7.00pm £47.50
Lathe of HeavenBroadcast, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£11.00
Frozen Soul Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
plus support from Creeping Death, Foreseen & Phobophillicdoors 6.00 pm£18.00
CIEL Hug & Pint, Glasgow
FRI 16 FEB 2024
Man of the World Beat Generator Live, Dundee
(The Music of Peter Green)Doors : 7.30pm£16.00
Harp Twins feat The Volfang Twins Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
+ Special GuestDoors 8.00pm£22.00
Our Man In The Field Glad Cafe, Shawlands
plus supportDoors 7:30pm£14.00
From The Specials: Neville StapleSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£26.00
Bowie BlindersVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
Bon Jovi night featuring Bad NameThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 6.30pm£13.00
We Are Not DevoHug & Pint, Glasgow
* Glasgow Date * Doors : 7.30pm£17.50
MccommitmentsHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
READY STEADY 60's SHOWDobbie Hall, Larbert
Doors 7.30pm17.00
NinkharsagAudio, Glasgow
Wolvesrot, Enucleate and bronachdoors 6.30 pm£12.00
SAT 17 FEB 2024
The All Weller BandThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
We Are Not Devo Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy, Edinburgh
* Edinburgh Date*Doors 7.00pm£17.50
O. Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Rock N Blues All-Dayer Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Doors: 2.00pm£19.50/£22.50
Zara LarssonO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
+ Special GuestsDoors : 7.00pm£30.00
FiddleheadROOM 2 , Glasgow
MSPAINT & Wrong ManDoors 7pm £18.00
GZA + The Phunky Nomads Liquid Swords Live Queen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£30.00
King NunSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00 pm£11.00
Foetal JuiceAudio, Glasgow
Rancid Cadaver, Extort, Suffering RitesDoors 6.30pm£10.00
Savage Mansion Rum Shack, Glasgow
SUN 18 FEB 2024
Glasser Stereo.., Glasgow
Doors 19:00£15.00
Joanne Shaw Taylor Queen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£45/£39.50
Between You & Me Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
Broadside & Young Culture Doors 7pm£14.00
Speedy OrtizHug & Pint, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£15.00
DYLAN O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Rachel ChinouririDoors 7.00pm£20.00
Tom Clarke (The Enemy) Saint Luke's, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£25.00
King Nun Broadcast, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£11.00
MON 19 FEB 2024
Gruff RhysSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£25.00
L'Rain Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£15.00
Nothing More The Garage, Glasgow
SiM & SiameseDoors 6.30pm£24.50
TUE 20 FEB 2024
Fozzy Queen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
Hot Damn! and Pistols At Dawndoors 6.30 pm£20.00
WED 21 FEB 2024
Chris Helme (The Seahorses)Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£18.50
Los FastidiosAudio, Glasgow
Revolt Tourdoors 7.00 pm£12.00
Suffocation - Hymns from the Apocrypha European Tour 2024Slay, Glasgow
& Sanguisugabogg & Enterprise Earth & OrgantectomyDoors 6.30 pm£22.00
Pest ControlThe Garage (Attic Bar), Glasgow
plus supportdoors 7.00 pm£13.00
Beach FossilsSaint Luke's, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£19.00
CherymHug & Pint, Glasgow
7.00 p.m.£10.00
THU 22 FEB 2024
The VaccinesBarrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£27.50
Los FastidiosLegends, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
MOVING PICTURES - Rush TributeDEPOT, Falkirk
Doors 7.00pm£15.00
Beans On Toast Stereo.., Glasgow
* Glasgow Date * doors 7.00 pm£17.00
Jelani Blackman G2 (The Garage), Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£13.00
Waldo's Gift Hug & Pint, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£10.00
Shelf LivesSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
* On Sale 1st November * Doors 7.00pm£10.00
Bowling For Soup O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Less Than Jake, Vandoliersdoors 7.00 pm£32.50
FRI 23 FEB 2024
CONFLICTAudio, Glasgow
Doors: 7.00pm£15.00
Beans on Toast La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
* Edinburgh Date * Doors 7pm£17.00
FRANKIE ROSE & SRSQStereo.., Glasgow
+ ApostilleDoors 7pm£13.00
NitrovilleBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£8.00
ScopyonsHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Tribute to The ScorpionsDoors 7.00pm£15.00
Slowdive Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pmSold Out
Rhiannon GiddensThe Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow
‘You’re The One’Doors 7.00pm£28.50
Doors 7.00pm£16.00
The 154 presents... The Noughty Nineties!The Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
Collateral Classic Grand Ballroom ( Lounge), Glasgow
Zac and the New Mendoors 6.30 pm£13.00
SAT 24 FEB 2024
Fleetwood MaxThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£13.00
MOVING PICTURES - Rush TributeOran Mor, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£17.00
The Smiths LtdBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 7.30pm£14.00
Nouvelle Vague - Glasgow DateSaint Luke's, Glasgow
+ Kill The pain Doors 7.00pm£32.50
The Devout La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Door 6pm£15.00
Craig Finn The Garage (Attic Bar), Glasgow
This Is What It Looks Like: Solo Songs & StoriesDoors : 7.00pmSold Out
Arranthrax and Hotter Than HellBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Double Headline ShowDoors 7pm£15.00
Ian ProwseHug & Pint, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£16.00
In Evil HourLegends, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£9.00
SlowdiveLiquid Room , Edinburgh
*Edinburgh Show*Doors 7.00pmSold Out
Slava Ukraini! Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
Scottish Metallers Fundraiser Charity Event for UkraineDoors 4.00pm£10.00
Falkirk Punk Fest Feat : CONFLICTDEPOT, Falkirk
Doors 2.00pm£15.00
SUN 25 FEB 2024
CONFLICTLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£15.00
@ Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
The PretendersUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£55.00
Renee Rapp O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
The Snow Hard Feelings Tour Doors 7.00pm£28.50
Nouvelle Vague - Edinburgh ShowLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£32.50
Tesseract SWG3, Glasgow
Unprocessed & The Callous Daoboysdoors 6.00 pm£22.50
TUE 27 FEB 2024
CrowbarLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£22.50
George RileySneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£10.00
WED 28 FEB 2024
Lime Garden Voodoo Rooms - Speakeasy, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£11.00
THU 29 FEB 2024
Lime Garden Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£11.00
The Dirt Road Band (DRB)Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£16.00
Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash The Ferry ...., Glasgow
“Live Dates Volume II….plus”Doors 7.30pm£19.50
GENNSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£10.00