WED 2 OCT 2024
Cosmo SheldrakeThe Caves , Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£16.50
SatarialBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
THU 3 OCT 2024
China BearsBroadcast, Glasgow
doors7.00 pm£10.00
King Buzzo & Trevor Dunn The Caves , Edinburgh
(Of The Melvins & Mr Bungle)Doors 7.00pm£23.50
Apocalyptica Plays Metallica SWG3, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£29.50
In Flames & Arch EnemyO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
+ SoilworkDoors 6.00pm£37.50
FRI 4 OCT 2024
A'prioriBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 8pm£6.00
Becky Sikasa Stereo.., Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
Mr Joe Jackson Presents: Two Rounds of Racket Tour O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Joe Jackson Solo Plus Joe Jackson and 9 piece band Presents the Music of Max ChampionDoors : 7.00pm£39.50/£49.50/£32.50
Fleetwood MaxThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
Tom Robinson BandTunnels , Aberdeen
TRB24Doors 7.30pm£25.00
The Gerry Cinna-Man ExperienceThe Garage, Glasgow
Noel Gallgher's High Flying Carpets ( Acoustic) Doors 7.00pm£15.00
Simple Minded & Deacon Blues (tribute)DEPOT, Falkirk
Doors 7.00 pm£15.00
SAT 5 OCT 2024
Briana Corrigan (Ex Beautiful South )Broadcast, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£14.00
A Night of Lionel Richie & Motown Classics The Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
Spiders on Mars Beat Generator Live, Dundee
Bowie Tribute Band Doors 8.00pm£13.00
Tom Robinson BandVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
TRB24Doors 7.30pm£25.00
Nik KershawThe Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
The 1984 TourDoors 7.00pmSold Out
King Buzzo & Trevor Dunn (Of The Melvins & Mr Bungle) Mono, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£23.50
PorkPie LiveRegal Reconnect Theatre , Bathgate
plus SKA & Reggae DJ's7.00pm£20.00
SUN 6 OCT 2024
Real Estate The Garage, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£30.00
The Wedding PresentLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£25.00
Stan The BandBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
MON 7 OCT 2024
Baby Bushka Stereo.., Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£20.00
TUE 8 OCT 2024
Ariel PosenROOM 2 , Glasgow
Doors 7pm£16.00
Douglas Dare Rum Shack, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£15.00
Bess Atwell Saint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£17.00
Louis Dunford SWG3, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£16.50
Anna ErhardHug & Pint, Glasgow
WED 9 OCT 2024
Dent MaySneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£13.00
Blues PillsG2 (The Garage), Glasgow
+ Daniel Romano's Outfit Doors 7.00pm£25.00
THU 10 OCT 2024
Becky SikasaBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 7.30pm£12.00
The Last Dinner Party O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Plus Special Guests Doors 7.00pmSold out
Dent May Rum Shack, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£13.00
ChemtrailsSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£9.00
SkiltronBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 19.30£15.00
Blanket & Delaire the LiarHug & Pint, Glasgow
FRI 11 OCT 2024
Jim KirkpatrickClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£14.00
Tom Meighan Barrowland, Glasgow
Plus Special GuestsDoors : 7.00pm£26.50
The Devout Beat Generator Live, Dundee
Depeche Mode Tribute Band Doors 7.30pm14.00
Goodbye Mr MackenzieLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£27.50
Peter Hook & The Light O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Performing both Substance albums by Joy Division & New OrderDoors 7.00 pm£36.00
Twen Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£12.50
Glasvegas Troon Concert Hall, Troon
Doors : 7.00pm£27.50
ChemtrailsBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£9.00
Jim Jones All stars Stereo.., Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£19.50
Solid Gold 70's ShowThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
SKILTRONAudio, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£15.00
Maximum R&B Nine Below Zero + Dr FeelgoodSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7.00 pm£30.00
SAT 12 OCT 2024
Creature CreatureBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 8pm£10.00
The SubstitutesBeat Generator Live, Dundee
A tribute to The WhoDoors 8.00pm£10.00
Def Leppad Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£12.50
Ultimate Blink 182Audio, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£10.00
Stone FoundationVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Plus Special GuestsDoors 7pm£20.00
Becky Hill OVO Hydro, Glasgow
Doors 6.30pm£ Various
MOVING PICTURES - Rush TributeThe Venue, Worthing, Worthing
Doors: 7.15pm£18.00
Limehouse LizzyThe Garage, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£22.00
Glasvegas Airdrie Town Hall, Airdrie
Doors : 7.00pm£27.50
Spiders on Mars - A night of David BowieThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£14.00
Geoff Tate Liquid Room , Edinburgh
Kim JennettDoors 7pm£22.50
Hue and CryThe Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
40th Anniversary Full Band Tour 2024Doors 7.00pmSold Out
The Scottish Sex PistolsIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Plus Very Special Guests TBC Doors 7.00pm£17.00
SUN 13 OCT 2024
Samantha FishThe Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£27.50
MON 14 OCT 2024
Alice CooperOVO Hydro, Glasgow
Support Primal ScreamDoors 6pmVarious
TUE 15 OCT 2024
Judie TzukeOran Mor, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£30.00
Geoff Tate Beat Generator Live, Dundee
Kim JennettDoors 7.30pm£20.00
Nature TVSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
John Maus Saint Luke's, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£19.00
WED 16 OCT 2024
WOEBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Support SidiousDoors : 7.00pm£16.00
John MausSummerhall, Edinburgh
Doors 19.00£19.00
The PretendersUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£55.00/42.50
Public Service BroadcastingBarrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£34.50
Nature TVBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
Caravan PalaceO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Doors 7.00 pm£32.50
THU 17 OCT 2024
Delta SmoakThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Pre Chris Stapleton dayDoors 2.00 pm£12.00
Fairground AttractionGlasgow Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Plus Special GuestsDoors : 7.00pm£45.00
Bodega ROOM 2 , Glasgow
support GIFT 19.00£16.00
FRI 18 OCT 2024
Robert VincentVoodoo Rooms - Speakeasy, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£18.00
Restless Natives - a tribute to Big CountryClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£12.50
Mad Dog McreaHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£18.00
FulciSlay, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
MisplacedG2 (The Garage), Glasgow
+ supportDoors : 7.00pm£12.00
Status No & Used BluesThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
Geoff Tate Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
Kim JennettDoors 7pm£22.50
Fairground AttractionUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Plus Special GuestsDoors 7.00pm£45.00
The Scottish Sex PistolsLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Plus Very Special Guests TBC Doors 7.00pm£17.00
The Real PeopleThe Mash House, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£18.50
SAT 19 OCT 2024
Garrison Keillor ' Tonight 'The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh
On sale 10am Friday 5th April Doors 19.00£35.00
The Real People Broadcast, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£18.50
Joe UnKnown * On sale 24/4/24 10am *Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£14.00
90s-00's Old Skool Classics The Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
The Sensational Alex Harvey ExperienceBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 8.00pm£15.00
Robert VincentHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£18.00
Pink FloydianLiquid Room , Edinburgh
No SupportDoors 7.00pm£20.00
Punk Rock Factory Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
'Stick to the Covers Tour' * Aberdeen Show * Doors 7.00pm£23.50
Pearl Scam (Pearl Jam tribute) and Angry Hair (Alice in Chains tribute)The Garage, Glasgow
doors 6.30 pm£18.50
Gathering Of The DamnedLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
+ Ruadh + More TBADoors 1.00pm£30.00
SUN 20 OCT 2024
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
Albert Lee & His BandThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 7:30pm£20.00
Punk Rock Factory Fat Sam's Club, Dundee
'Stick to the Covers Tour' * Dundee Show * Doors 7.00pm£23.50
Bywater Call plus guests Lauren Housley & The Northern CowboysOran Mor, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£20.00
MON 21 OCT 2024
John Grant Barrowland, Glasgow
+ Special GuestsDoors : 7.00pm£30.00
Punk Rock Factory Liquid Room , Edinburgh
'Stick to the Covers Tour' * Edinburgh Show* Doors 7.00pm£23.50
Afro Celt Sound System Summerhall - Dissection Room, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£29.00
Lacuna Coil SWG3 Galvanizers, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£27.50
Adult Jazz Hug & Pint, Glasgow
TUE 22 OCT 2024
Kamasi WashingtonBarrowland, Glasgow
Fearless Movement Europe TourDoors 7.00pm£30.00
Oisin Leech *On Sale 26/04 10am*CCA, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£14.00
Altered Images Saint Luke's, Glasgow
plus supportDoors 7.00pm£25.00
WED 23 OCT 2024
VoyagerSlay, Glasgow
Oisín LeechSummerhall, Edinburgh
On sake 10am Friday 26th April Doors 7.30pm£14.00
THU 24 OCT 2024
Very SantanaThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors : 7.30pm£20.00
Master Boot Record Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£16.00
The CultUsher Hall, Edinburgh
8424 TourDoors 7.00pmNot Available
Steve Knightley CCA, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£22.50
FRI 25 OCT 2024 - TUE 27 FEB 2024
Cardinal Black Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£20.00
FRI 25 OCT 2024
Hue And Cry The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow
40th Anniversary Full Band Tour 2024Doors 7.00pm£37.50
Wednesday 13 performing The Murderdolls Queen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
+ Support Doors 6.00pm£25.00
Simply RodThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
Sons Of Liberty + Kit TriggBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£12.00
The Icicle WorksStereo.., Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£25.00
Bootleg BlondieOran Mor, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£20.00
SAT 26 OCT 2024
Hue And Cry The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow
40th Anniversary Full Band Tour 2024Doors 7.00pm£37.50
70s & 80s Party with Boogie NightsThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£13.00
The Icicle WorksVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm25.00
Scottish National Whisky FestivalBiscuit Factory, Edinburgh
Doors 12 noon£40.00
Sons of Liberty -matinee showto be confirmed
Plus Kit Triggdoors 1.00 pm£5.00
SUN 27 OCT 2024
Chelsea Wolfe Saint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£25.00
The Icicle WorksTunnels , Aberdeen
Doors 7.00pm25.00
MON 28 OCT 2024
Paul Weller Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7.00 pm£49.50
TUE 29 OCT 2024
The Split Squad featuring Clem Burke of BlondieHug & Pint, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£17.50
Paul Weller Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 7.00 pm£49.50
WED 30 OCT 2024
Russian Circles Slay, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£27.50
Koe Wetzel Oran Mor, Glasgow
Doors : 7.00pm£25.00
Y&T An evening with ... 50th anniversary TourSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7.00 pm£26.50
THU 31 OCT 2024
Nashville PussyBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£22.00