SAT 1 APR 2023
Pork PieLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
Support Big Fat Panda & RiddemptionDoors 8.00pm£17.00
Blackmore's BloodIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
TEMPESSTBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£9.00
Alecia Karr - The Official P!nk TributeThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£12.00
The AssistAudio, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
Haters RoastUsher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£45/ £57.50
The Smiths LtdBeat Generator Live, Dundee
SUN 2 APR 2023
The PrimitivesBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
The DisorderliesBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm £8.00
RusskajaStereo.., Glasgow
His LordshipThe Caves , Edinburgh
Strange Blue Dreams / Zydell HenryDoors 7.00pm£12.50
MON 3 APR 2023
The CourettesNice N Sleazy, Glasgow
Doors 7.30 pm£15.00
PileStereo.., Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£12.50
TUE 4 APR 2023
PliniSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Support from Jakub Zytecki & Jack Gardiner/OwaneDoors 7pm£16.50
HallanBroadcast, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£8.00
His Lordship Stereo.., Glasgow
Strange Blue Dreams / Zydell HenryDoors 7.00pm£12.50
Alasdair RobertsHug & Pint, Glasgow
WED 5 APR 2023
Doors 7pm£20.00
Delta GoodremO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Hearts on The RunDoors 7.00pm£40.00
Alan Fletcher + Lachlan Bryan & The WildesBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
THU 6 APR 2023
Vigil of War + Zach Kibbee + The ReinforcementsBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
Off With Their HeadsAudio, Glasgow
Partial Traces Doors 6:30pm£14.00
GUNBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Acoustic Show8.00pm£20.00
Big Thief Usher Hall, Edinburgh
Doors 7pm£23/£28/£32
Black HoneyClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£13.00
Henry NormalThe Stand, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£16.50
DUSTED feat James Lavelle x Charlie Dark Berkeley Suite, Glasgow
Doors 11.00pm£18.50
FRI 7 APR 2023
The Doors AliveClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£25.00
Still Marillion Oran Mor, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
Tyla Presents 40 Years of Dogs D'amourBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Dogs DamourDoors 7.30pm £18.00
ABBA Party NightThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.00
The Vintage ExplosionLemon Tree, Aberdeen
Doors 8.00pm£20.00
Charlie & The Bhoys Barrowland, Glasgow
(Annual Good Friday Concert)Doors 7.30pmSOLD OUT
David KittNice N Sleazy, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£10.00
SAT 8 APR 2023
Maiden ScotlandBeat Generator Live, Dundee
Doors 8pm£12.00
CucamarasBroadcast, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£8.00
The OriellesThe Garage, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£15.00
DischargeLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
The DamnedO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Support: The Nightingales7pm £32.50
Salt HouseHug & Pint, Glasgow
London Calling Liquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors : 7.00pm£15.00
A Tribute to the music of Madonna and Whitney The Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 6.30 pm£12.00
Exdestrier + Morass Of Molasses + OphanimBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
SUN 9 APR 2023
The Young 'UnsSummerhall, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£18.00
Swallow The Sun Slay, Glasgow
plus Draconian and Shores of Null7.00 pm£20.00
PigletHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
Scottish House & Disco FestivalSWG3, Glasgow
Craig Charles Greg Wilson + moreDoors 2.00pmVarious
MON 10 APR 2023
NO FUN AT ALLAudio, Glasgow
+ guestsDoors 7.00pm£20.00
Wednesday 13Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
South of Salem & Sick'n'BeautifulDoors 6pm£20.00
God AloneHug & Pint, Glasgow
Master Boot RecordClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£13.00
TUE 11 APR 2023
Joel Hoekstra & Brandon GibbsBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Up close and personal acoustic showDoors 7.30pm£15.00
CARMHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£12.50
DvneStereo.., Glasgow
plus support from Pijndoors 7.00 pm£12.00
WED 12 APR 2023
Hardwicke CircusBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
NIMMOSneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm10.00
THU 13 APR 2023
Steve Gunn & David Moore Stereo.., Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£16.00
Focus - 50th Anniversary TourThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Monica & The ExplosionBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm £10.00
Peter Hook Edinburgh O2 Academy, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£36.50
Martin Stephenson (The Daintees) & John Perry (The Only Ones)Hug & Pint, Glasgow
FRI 14 APR 2023
Def Leppad - a tribute to Def LeppardHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£12.50
Frances McKee (The Vaselines)Hug & Pint, Glasgow
AW60Berkeley Suite, Glasgow
70s and 80s Party with Boogie NightsThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.00
Amber RunSaint Luke's, Glasgow
plus supportDoors 7pm£17.50
Lee Bains III and the Glory FiresBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£15.00
Shea CouleeStereo.., Glasgow
GESSDoors 7.00pm£15.00
Alpha Wolf & King 810G2 (The Garage)
plus ten56 & Xiledoors 6.30 pm£18.00
The RisingDrummonds Aberdeen, Aberdeen
The UK's No 1 Tribute to SpringsteenDoors 7.00pm£12.00
FRI 14 APR 2023 - SAT 15 APR 2023
Northern Unfest: Mindforce, Gridiron,Flying Duck, Glasgow
The Flex + MoreDoors 3.00pmSold Out
SAT 15 APR 2023
Martin Stephenson (The Daintees) & John Perry (The Only Ones) Beat Generator Live, Dundee
The New Wave ConnectionDoors 8pm£15.00
Simply RodThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.00
Sari SchorrClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£15.00
Uproar Scotland 6th Birthday PartyClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 11pm£various
Ailbhe ReddyHug & Pint, Glasgow
Joshua RadinBroadcast, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£22.50
SUN 16 APR 2023
Then JericoROOM 2 , Glasgow
Doors 7pm£29.50
The Tallest Man On EarthQueen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
Doors 7pm£27.50
Sarah Brown (Sings Mahalia Jackson)Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Support: Al HughesDoors 7.15pm£16.00
William CrightonHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£14.00
MON 17 APR 2023
Slow CrushNice N Sleazy, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£13.00
Elliott BroodAudio, Glasgow
Doors 7:30pm£15.00
Charlie CunninghamSaint Luke's, Glasgow
plus special guestsDoors 7pm£18.00
The Ayoub Sisters Oran Mor, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£16.50
The Emerald DawnBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
TUE 18 APR 2023
White WardIvory Blacks, Glasgow
Codespeaker, Void Of LightDoors 7.00pm
GOATQueen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
Doors 7pmSOLD OUT
Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours 2023OVO Hydro, Glasgow
+ Support from BabyMetal + LordDoors 6pm£42.50
WED 19 APR 2023
Cannibal CorpseBarrowland, Glasgow
Dark Funeral, Stormrule, IngestedDoors 7pm£26.00
MorganwayHug & Pint, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£15.00
VOIVODSlay, Glasgow
40th AnniversaryDoors 6.30pm£20.00
Oracle SistersNice N Sleazy, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£12.00
Lottery WinnersROOM 2 , Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£16.50
DMA'SO2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£27.50
THU 20 APR 2023
A Certain RatioVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£20.00
Jerry JosephVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£14.00
Diana JonesGlad Cafe, Shawlands
Doors 7.30pm£16.00
Panda Bear & Sonic BoomROOM 2 , Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£23.50
Slum VillageHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£22.50
pg.lostStereo.., Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£15.00
Shonen KnifeSummerhall, Edinburgh
FRI 21 APR 2023
Nearly Dan La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
The Spirit and Sound of Steely DanDoors : 7.00pm £18.00
True Order: Tribute to New Order & Very Pet Shop BoysMcChuills, Glasgow
Doors 8pm£20.00
A Band Called MaliceBeat Generator Live, Dundee
The Jam Tribute Show - Doors 8pm£12.00
Aldous HardingAssembly Rooms, Edinburgh
Support H HawklineDoors 7pm£25.00
Robbed Zombie (Rob Zombie Tribute)Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm10.00
DITZ Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£12.00
Deeper PurpleVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 8pm£15.00
The Jersey NotesThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8:30pm£12.00
Dirty Harry (Blondie Tribute)Oran Mor, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£16.00
Jerry JosephGlad Cafe, Shawlands
plus supportDoors 7.30pm£14.00
As Sirens FallLegends, Edinburgh
+ Support TBCDoors 7.00pm£10.00
BenefitsRum Shack, Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
SAT 22 APR 2023
Richard Strange Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
An Accent Waiting to Happen Doors : 7.30pm£10.00
Deeper PurpleROOM 2 , Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
Metal Militia (Metallica Tribute)Bannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm12.00
Dressed to Kill (Kiss tribute)Classic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
plus Twisted SystemDoors 7.00pm£15.00
The Clone Roses - 25th Anniversary Barrowland, Glasgow
Doors 5pm£23.50
Scotland Calling 2023 featuring The Exploited O2 Academy Glasgow, Glasgow
Cockney Rejects//UK Subs // Anti Nowhere League // GBH // Red London // 999 // Bar Stool Preachers // Hung Like Hanratty // Fire Exit // Red EyesDoors 12 Noon£30.00
Sam Smith OVO Hydro, Glasgow
GLORIA the tour + Special Guest Cat BurnsDoor 6.30pm£60/£80
TTFBraehead Arena, Glasgow
3pm£ Various
Billy NomatesQueen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
The Classic Rock ShowThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.00
LeBrockClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£14.00
HushmanHug & Pint, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£10.00
Nanowar of Steel & TragedyCathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£18.00
Nearly DanOran Mor, Glasgow
7.00 p.m.£18.00
No Strings Attached 28th Birthday Party The Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
NSA Day Culture #3 4pm£19.50
SUN 23 APR 2023
Hung Like HanrattyBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm £11.00
Moving Pictures- Rush tributeThe Cavern, Liverpool
Doors 8pm band on 8.£15.00
Death And VanillaHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£10.00
HushmanVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Doors 7.00pm£10.00
Neil Cowley Drygate, Glasgow
MON 24 APR 2023
Paul BartolomeBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm £6.00
Hot MulliganG2 (The Garage), Glasgow
plus support from Arms Lengthdoors 7.00 pm£15.00
TUE 25 APR 2023
Massive WagonsLa Belle Angele, Edinburgh
+ Support The VirginmarysDoors 7.00pm£20.00
Kruelty, Gates to Hell, SplitknuckleFlying Duck, Glasgow
Doors 6.30pm£12.00
UNIQUE LEGION EU/UK Tour featuring Vulvodynia, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Bound In Fear, BonecarverAudio, Glasgow
Doors 6.00pm£16.00
WED 26 APR 2023
Richard DawsonSaint Luke's, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£18.50
The ZombiesOran Mor, Glasgow
Doors 7:00pmSOLD OUT
Rare Americans The Garage, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£15.00
Spencer CullumBroadcast, Glasgow
doors 7.30 pm£10.00
Caitlin RoseStereo.., Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£18.50
Kirsten AdamsonVoodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
THU 27 APR 2023
The AC/DC ExperienceThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£14.00
+ GuestsDoors 7.00pm£17.50
Bronwynne BrentGlad Cafe, Shawlands
plus supportDoors 7.30pm£14.00
FRI 28 APR 2023
The StonesThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.00
ScopyonsHard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Tribute to The ScorpionsDoors 7pm£12.50
WayfarerIvory Blacks, Glasgow
WodeDoors 7pm£15.00
Yard ActBarrowland, Glasgow
doors 7.00 pm£20.00
WarbringerClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
Doors 7pm£13.00
Wrong JoviBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£12.50
Dallahan- Album LaunchWebsters Theatre, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£16.00
The Selecter Queen Margaret Union.., Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£27.50
DreadzoneStereo.., Glasgow
Doors 7.00pm£21.00
The Doors Alive La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
SAT 29 APR 2023
The Human League and Depeche Mode Tribute with 80s DJ SetMcChuills, Glasgow
Doors 8pm£15.00
The StonesThe Ferry ...., Glasgow
Doors 8.30pm£12.00
Skipinnish & ShoogleniftyThe Picturedrome, holmfirth
Doors 7.30pm£24.00
2023 Scottish Mod Rally to Troon * Saturday*Troon Concert Hall, Troon
SATURDAY 7:30pm till 12.30am£10.00
Stereofunk Festival 2023 Chatelherault Country Park, Hamilton
12 noon£Various
Lost Minds FestivalLeazes Park Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne
John Miller + His Country CasualsPartickhill Bowling and Community Club, Glasgow
Bootleg BlondieLiquid Room , Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£16.00
Sheep on Drugs & Lizzie and The BansheesDreadnought Rock, Bathgate
Doors 7.00pm£12.00
Stag & Dagger Edinburgh 2023Various Venues Edinburgh
SAT 29 APR 2023 - SUN 30 APR 2023
2023 Scottish Mod Rally to Troon *Weekend Tix*Troon Concert Hall & South Beach Hotel, Troon
7:30pm till 12.30am£17.00
SUN 30 APR 2023
STREETrave on Ayr Beach!Low Green , Ayr
Midday£ Various
CombichristClassic Grand Ballroom, Glasgow
plus guests PriestDoors 7.00pm£20.00
Beaux Gris Gris & The ApocalypseBannermans Bar, Edinburgh
Doors 7.30pm£15.00
True StraysHug & Pint, Glasgow
Doors 7.30pm£12.50
Stag & Dagger Glasgow 2023Various Venues - Glasgow, Glasgow
Doors 2.00pm£32.50