Duff Disco, Scratch and Sniff

Ray Vose and Max Spittal (Subrosa)


9.00pm - 2.00am


Duff Disco

Duff Disco has proved himself to be a man who has that something extra, truly standing out from the rest of the crowd. Championed by the likes of legendary edit King Greg Wilson to the Scottish heavyweights, The Revenge and The 6th Borough Project, he has managed that rare feat, to slide in to a market that seemed flooded and make a real impact.

What better way of bringing Duff Disco to Glasgow than getting him to play at the SWG3 warehouse where he can truly show his colors in one of the best venues in Glasgow.

With multiple releases being chosen as ‘Phonica Essentials’ and record of the week at Piccadilly records his releases are anything but Duff.



Having previously mixed for the Ministry of Sound and edited for the likes of Philadelphia International (An american label who had massive success in discovering the Philadelphia Soul sound in the 1970's), as well as being world famous for his edits with over 8000 followers on Soundcloud, Scratch&Sniff has proved to be one of the best in the game when it comes to simple cutting and pasting of the old classics. However his versatility is proved in his paper sleeves Guest mix where his passion for dub techno really is demonstrated, as well as his brilliant 'scratchandsniff was bored so he had a mix' set which includes a clever mixture of House and Soul. With all this considered, we knew Scratch&sniff would make the perfect opener for our launch night to set the mood.

"Simple cut and paste edits with nothing added to stay true to the original material. Just the way I want them to sound when playing them out."-Scratch&Sniff


Sub Rosa

No introduction is needed for these guys, as they have played and put on some of the best Wednesday nights around. Their performances have enlightened us down the stairs in Sub Club's house for a while now and have continued to keep us happy and coming back for more, booking a number of fantastic guest DJs, including: Space Dimension Controller, Ben Pearce, Silicone Soul, Jackmaster and many more! We are proud to have them on board for our night and can't wait to hear what they have in store for us!

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