Bison Hip

plus Lonehead


Doors 7.00pm

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A band very much on the rise whose recorded output has met critical acclaim! They have also had successful appearances at various prestigious festivals. Here is a rare chance to catch them in their native Glasgow. Come and see them in some more intimate surroundings before they inevitably move to bigger venues and stages. Bison Hip were formed by long-time friends during a lockdown Zoom call in 2020. “I don’t know who actually suggested it first”, explains vocalist Paul, “but right away it just seemed like a great idea. Maybe it was the mid life crisis at play!” The band are all over 50, with the exception of keyboard player and spring chicken Steven, who clocks in at a youthful 40. By the time they finally got together in early 2021, the blueprint was clear. “We wanted to take our love of blues and rock, and mix up with our experiences of life” adds Paul. “Between us, we’ve been through so many things in life, ups and downs, some successes and plenty of failures, we wanted all that in the music. We needed to wrap it up in the DNA of our hometown, Glasgow, and hopefully that’s what we’ve achieved”. The ethos is clear: real musicians, real instruments, no click tracks, culminating in a unique blues rock sound with real life stories. With the release of their debut EP ‘Dear Greens and Blues’ in March 2022, Bison Hip have hit the ground running. “There’s plenty more to come, we’re on our way up!”
Bison Hip are: Paul Sloway – vocals | Malcolm Button – drums
Steven Radziwonik – keys | John Gilmour Smith – guitar | Graeme Carswell – bass

We are delighted to announce that the popular Lonehead will be providing support at this gig. They are a well known (and popular) band around Glasgow and beyond. The band has released new material recently to critical acclaim. This makes up a great double bill of rocky blues provided by two high calibre bands.

Over 18's

Hard Rock Cafe

179 Buchanan Street
G1 2JZ
United Kingdom

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