Crimes of the Future w/ Scott Fraser & Timothy J Fairplay


11.00pm - 3.00am


Scott & Tim continue their monthly residency with great progress. Last months rare live appearance of Plaid was a highlight & thanks for the great attendance. Next month (May) we have a live performance from Lord Of The Isles. Neil's records are well sought & played by others, we are very pleased to have him over from Edinburgh. April sees both Scott & Tim play guest spots in Glasgow before they return to the Berkeley on the 26th. A Crimes vinyl label is in the works & should see releases over the coming months.


Taking a trip into a world of music fueled by machines and inspired by the sound of kraut-rock, dub, disco, the jack beat of Chicago and Detroit techno. Tim and Scott continue to forge their collective and individual production paths in 2012/2013 and beyond with upcoming releases and remixes on Emotional Response, Astrolab, Awkward Movements, Days of Being Wild & Birdscarer Rec's.

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Berkeley Suite

237 North Street
United Kingdom
G3 7DL

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