Richard Fearless



11.00pm - 3.00am


Richard Fearless returns to Transmission at the Berkeley Suite for his 2nd visit & what will kick off his bi-monthly Drone evenings for 2013. He is a busy & talented chap so I think it best you look him up at his Death In Vegas site- for updates. I can tell you Drone is also the new vinyl record label Richard is putting together.
What can we expect from Richard/Drone, more likely the unexpected. To date there may be one release on the Drone label although much of it should appear throughout 2013. No doubt Richard will be road testing/trying out these future releases at the Berkeley Suite. Its also no surprise with his varied & extensive taste/knowledge of music he is often sought for remix/production work with a whole cast of other musicians from outside of clubs & hailing from various fields. Much of what he produces can be found on his site or around the web.
What we/you can expect is no matter what music he plays or how he delivers, its sure to be of the highest quality.

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Berkeley Suite

237 North Street
United Kingdom
G3 7DL

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