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The voice and guitar behind The Icicle Works comes to Glasgow for the first time since 2009. With a new album planned for release, this is the chance to see him in a small venue with a unique show.

One of the great singer/songwriters to emerge from the 80s Liverpool music scene. Founder/lead singer with the chart toppers The Icicle Works, famous for the UK and US Top 40 hits "Love Is A Wonderful Colour" and "Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)", Ian McNabb has gone on to enjoy a critically-acclaimed solo career. The Mercury Music Prize nominated artist continues to write stunning songs with warmth, humour, cynicism and grandeur.

On Ian's new album, Eclectic Warrior, Dave Jennings writes...
"To create an album of such power, McNabb has chosen the quite brilliant Liverpool psychedelic rock band,Cold Shoulder. They fill out the sound so well that it is the heaviest McNabb offering since 1994’s classic ‘Head like a Rock’. The first track, ‘Smirtin’ leaves no doubt that no quarter will be asked or given as our hero vents his spleen over the legal niceties of the smoking ban. The McNabb wit, that is capable of reducing a live show to hysteria with one comment, blends with power to produce an onslaught of an opener that, even if you don’t agree with his sentiments, will see you ready to fight for his right to say it.

Without labouring the point, each song demonstrates superbly crafted guitar breaks alongside lyrics that, as usual span a range of topics. Second up, ‘No Hero to Me’ is a great rocker that is aimed possibly, according to my comrade Paul, at Tony Blair while ‘They Couldn’t Hear the Music’ is one of the observational narratives that McNabb does so well. If forced to pick stand-out tracks, ‘My Life to Live Again’ would be one off this, and possibly any McNabb album. At over seven minutes, this is a genuine, edge of your seat rocker with a plot and ending that will have you engrossed."

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