Return To Mono: Floorplan (Live)





As their monthly 'Return to Mono' party approaches it's 10th anniversary, Slam are proud to present FLOORPLAN which sees Robert Hood perform live in the intimate surrounds of Glasgow's Sub Club. Hood is one of the original innovators of minimal Techno music from Detroit. Now residing in Alabama with his family, on agricultural land and far away from the metropolitan hustle, Robert has time on his hands to devote himself to God and Techno. His Floorplan album, 'Paradise' earned numerous accolades in the media on its release and continues to receive mammoth support on the airwaves and in clubland. Floorplan sees Hood focuses his attention firmly on the dancefloor and has taken his name across the techno/house divide. In a world full of generic dancefloor music, Floorplan is Robert Hood’s vision as seen through a house music prism. Floorplan is here to make you dance as can be witnessed on veritable club bombs like 'Phobia' and 'Glory B'

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Sub Club

22 Jamaica Street
United Kingdom
G1 4QD

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