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Hail HRH

And if your new to the HRH circle, then we would like to extend our humblest greetings to one of the closest circle of music enthusiasts on the planet. As our proud sponsors, Classic Rock Mag and AOR Mag, core AOR riffs n solid Melodic Rock will be the heart of this new fully interactive AOR experience.

HRH has been at the epoch of creativity and challenging all conventional ways of staging musical events for some years now and with HRH AOR, we now roll into a totally new and exciting dimension.

We have chosen Magna to host this new adventure. Magna has been a working steel foundry in the past but has enjoyed a well earned lottery funded make over top the tune of 40 million and turned itself into a fully interactive science adventure with multi arena capabilities.

The venue is nothing but stunning as some of the teaser shots will show, however with five zones namely, Earth, Steel, Wind, Fire & Water in full interactive immersion, we only had to add the HRH magic n vision to stage a production that will be hard to beat in any conventional place. Expect the unexpected with full on trading stalls from the minute you collect your HRH passes, to freaky circuses to the all out sound of HRH’s quality production.

Compliment that with 30 of the best AOR n Melodic Rock acts from right across the huge spectrum it enjoys and you’ll start to see yourself immerse in an overall experience like no other on this earth.

At HRH we like to make things hassle free and have taken all hotels (who reach the criteria) within a 1 to 2 mile radius, as well as providing an HRH hosted shuttle bus to and from the venue, just to make sure you can enjoy yourself and get about easily without driving.

We are truly excited about this new project and with our sponsors Classic Rock Mag and AOR Mag, plus the multitude of bands who will be doing what they do best in this truly amazing venue, we cant wait to share this adventure with you.

Blocks away and the countdown has started now

See you at Magna

HRH Watch Tower

Please take along confuirmation e mail and card used to book with photo id to collection point at the venue

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