We Are Saturdays presents...Hot Dub Time Machine


10.30pm - 4.00am


Travel Back in time to 1954 then boogie back to 2014 with a song from each year! From Rock Around The Clock to Skrillex, it’s the best music of the last 60 years served up in a time travelling Audio- Visual Super Party!

The Time Machine is powered by a top-secret carbon neutral energy source, ‘Hot Dub’, which is generated by dancing, singing along, yelling and chatting up the person next to you!

Each Decade has a special Power Up Dance Move Multiplier such as the ‘Twist’, the ‘Saturday Night Fever’, the ‘Running Man’ and the ‘Mosh’ which can be used to power up your boogie and keep the Time Machine on Track!

Hot Dub Time Machine is an audio-visual feast for the eyes, ears and booty with each song accompanied by videos of the bands and the era, presented on massive screens along with giant year counters so you can keep track of the decade you’re in! Using some very nifty technical trickery, audio and visuals are linked and mashed up live on the turntables of Hot Dub Captain, DJ Tom Loud.

Over 18s

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The Garage

490 Sauchiehall Street
United Kingdom

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