Traffic Cone Records v Live and Underground (Kiss My Acid)

The Apocalypse - End of The World Party


7.00pm - 3.00am


The world is pencilled in to self-destruct on December 21st. Nuclear Meltdown, Zombie apocalypse or perhaps giant midges....

Whatever happens we shall end planet earth in style with a huge night of live music + DJs at Stereo, Renfield Lane

Traffic Cone Records vs Live and Underground

Safe from the awkward work night outs and sauchiehall st shirt n tie brigade we welcome you to our underground bunker of good vibes and sensational live music

It shall begin with the impending doom and earth shattering grooves that will include live sets from:


These are hand-picked artists who very rarely play on the Glasgow live circuit and will be your one and only chance to see all these top bands share the bill with a proper Christmas party vibe as each artist plays like it`s their last ever gig and drinks special apocalyptic cocktails like their liver no longer matters.

THE WISE GOLDFISH will be making a rare appearance spinning tracks during the changeovers and after the last band has made way for an apocalyptic masterclass of funky chopped up beats of every genre and very special guests will be joining him onstage (we may tell you nearer the time or we may not)

There will be some very special suprises as the clock hits midnight and the world ends just as the mayans said it would then.... BOOM!

The underground rises to guide us through the debris-strewn wasteland into a new dawn. A world of hypnotic beats from the bowels of existance, primeval grooves to free your mind.

So, close your eyes, forget the world as we knew it, celebrate the coming of a new era.

Live and Underground brings forth the evolution with the 2 Raymonds, Wardy & Serotonic from the legendary Club69 in Paisley, spinning the vinyl on B2B mode.

Technogramm blast out the doofs & bleeps from their 808 & Korg.

Finishing off with a wild Acid Attack, Graeme Coils. Just as you thought you couldn't melt any more...

Apocalypse? KISS MY ACID! ;)

7pm - 3am (with special happy-ever-after afterparty)

Over 18s Only

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22-28 Renfield Lane
United Kingdom
G2 5AR

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