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Samantha Crain Biography

A Choctaw Indian, Samantha Crain grew up in the small town of Shawnee (Oklahoma) listening to her father’s Dylan and Grateful Dead records, dabbling in painting and trying her hand at writing short stories. Following in the footsteps of fellow Oklahoma-born troubadour Woody Guthrie, she began playing music in order to travel. Crain reworked a series of stories she’d written while at University into 2007s The Confiscation EP and then her experiences on the road began to feed into her music. Soon Crain’s time on the road gave her the inspiration and raw material needed to fill an entire albums worth, or, more accurately, three albums worth.

The latest in a string of wide-eyed country folk releases, this year’s Kid Face is a purposeful, restless record that finds Crain searching for herself and her place in the universe. Filled with a sense of wanderlust as much as it is a rootedness, Kid Face is a revelatory song cycle: It’s as expansive as the wide-open spaces of the 27-year-old artist’s native Oklahoma, and as intimate as a conspiratorial whisper. Crisp, vivid images and liquid internal rhymes betray Crain’s painterly attention to texture and the minutest of details while melodic shifts embedded in each song enable her to explore the full range of her distinct and vulnerable voice. Through this voice she exhibits a rare economy of expression, an open-ended willingness to leave certain things unsaid and certain mysteries unsolved so that together we can take a moment to appreciate life’s majesty.

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