Crimes of the Future

Scott Fraser & Timothy J Fairplay


12.00am - 3.00am


Crimes Of The Future….

Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay have kicked off their monthly residence at the Berkeley Suite. Crimes is a brand new experience, no real try out anywhere else, just now Glasgow is its home. With 2 under their belt & a healthy attendance we see this evening going in the right direction. This plan may have been hatched in London although certainly has come to life in Glasgow & will grow here. See you soon as I feel more will seek this evening out.


Taking a trip into a world of music fueled by machines and inspired by
the sound of kraut-rock, dub, disco, the jack beat of Chicago and
Detroit techno.

Tim and Scott continue to forge their collective and individual
production paths in 2012 and beyond with upcoming releases and remixes
on Emotional Response, Astrolab, Awkward movements, Days of Being
Wild, Birdscarer and more.

Crimes of the future welcome you on the 3rd Friday of every month at
the Berkeley Suite, Glasgow....

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Berkeley Suite

237 North Street
United Kingdom
G3 7DL

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