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vocal passion, colours and rhythms

Rare UK visit by legendary Chilean band - 1 of only 2 UK dates

Vibrant music, rooted in Latin American traditions. Dynamic vocal harmonies supported by traditional instruments including the charango, the quena (indigenous flute), panpipes and different types of guitars (tiple, cuatro and Spanish guitar), as well as piano, synthesizers, electro-acoustic guitars, electric bass, Caribbean percussion and many other instruments.

Born in Chile in 1965, Quilapayún is one of the most renowned Latin American bands in the world, dedicated to preserving and reinventing the popular music of the continent.

Initially identified with the popular government of Salvador Allende - who called them "Official cultural ambassadors of Chile" - and subsequently with the democratic struggle against the dictatorship, Quilapayún are delighted to be hitting the European tour trail in 2013, 40 years after the vicious coup which saw them forced into exile in France.

Quilapayún has recorded 30 albums to date (including the platinum Anthology). Their latest studio album Absolutamente Quilapayún was released in January 2013.

Lineup includes 3 “historic” members – Rodolfo Parada-Lillo (member since ‘68, and now artistic director), Patricio Wang and Patricio Castillo – who are joined by talented “new guard”, singers and multi-instrumentalists Alvaro Pinto, Mario Contreras and Rodrigo Gonzalez-Migueles

Support – Valentina & Voces del Sur

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